49N Tube - for Brompton Wheels

49°N SKU: 160020-05
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49N Tube - for Brompton Wheels

49°N SKU: 160020-05
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Once upon a time our pioneering ancestors rolled along on solid rubber tires, which were awful and painful. Thankfully, nowadays we have the pneumatic tire, a marvel of invention that makes riding infinitely better. As long as your tire is inflated that is, and the first step is good tubes.   

These 49N tubes are 16 x 1 3/8" - the perfect size for your Brompton's wheels. While not as exact in their production as the German-made Schwalbe tubes,  they're still excellent for the cyclist on a budget who wants something no-muss, no-fuss that will get them from A to Z.

  • 49N 16 x 1 3/8" tubes for Brompton wheels
  • Choose between Schrader Valve, also known as Auto Valve (AV), or Presta
  • Always make sure you check your tire size on the side of your tire!
  • BROMPTON: 16x1-3/8
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