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Perfect for ice-cream stops and picnics, this kickstand is a crowd-pleaser! The Frog Bikes Kickstand keeps your child's bike standing no matter its size - its length is adjustable with a 14mm wrench to suit Frog bikes of different sizes. The internal mechanism folds it neatly against the bike when not in use. 

For a video guide to fitting the kickstand to your child's bike, click here!

  • Easy to fit with a 14mm wrench
  • Adjustable height to suit your child's Frog bike
  • Small size - suitable for 14" to 16" wheeled Frog bikes
  • Large size - suitable for 20" to 26" wheeled Frog bikes
  • Folds neatly against bike when not in use
Frog Bikes Logo

Frog Bikes Company Profile: Frog are a small Welsh company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. They quite rightly believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy riding the more as they progress. Many kids' bikes on the market weigh nearly as much as the child!

So Frog set about re-designing kids' bikes, creating a light but strong aluminum frame, and hand-picking components that offer a high performance without compromising the weight. The bikes are much easier to pedal due to a unique crank design from the renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame). The new design reduces the Q-factor (the space between the pedals), allowing children to push more directly down when cycling, converting more of their energy into motion. Only Frog applies this level of rigour to the design of kids' bikes. All Frog Bikes are built in Cardiff, Wales.

These bikes are expensive, why would I buy one?

We admit it, they are. But if you want to introduce your child to cycling as a quality experience a quality bike makes a difference. That’s hard to pull off when you’re buying a heavy bike from a department store, often loaded with features that rarely work and only add to the weight. Frog keeps things simple and high quality in the interest of making a bike that lasts.


Ok, but why do I want to buy my kid a bike that lasts when they’ll just grow out of it?

Many reasons! If you have more than one child this is the perfect hand-me-down, and still resellable once they’re all grown up. Resale value is very good on these bikes. The other option (If you live near Toronto) is to use our Trade-Up program where we buy your Frog bike back so you can purchase the next size up.


Tell me more about your trade-up program.

Easy! We want the future generation to enjoy cycling and that starts with a great bike. We know kids grow fast and we understand why people would buy from a department store. But, there’s something about the lack of quality and disposability that doesn’t sit well with us, so we drummed up the Frog Trade-Up program. The Trade-Up program lets you sell the bike back to us for at least 50% of the original price so that you can buy the next size of Frog bike up.


What do you mean, “at least 50% of original price” back?

When you trade-up your Frog bike we do an assessment of the bike. While these bikes are the highest quality kids bikes on the market, kids can still be pretty hard on things, so we won’t buy the bike back for 50% of the retail value if the wheels are damaged from hitting curbs or doing jumps. But, if the bike is in good shape (scratches are fine) then yes, we’d be happy to give you 50% of the original purchased price.


Can I use the Trade-Up program to buy a size down for another child?
Nope, it’s a trade-up program only!


So, why wouldn’t I buy a bike from a department store?
Oh, it’s a long list. Most department stores tend to make the bike cheap in all the areas the customer can’t see. The wheels are usually single-walled instead of double-walled and almost never use stainless spokes. The ball bearings are rarely sealed (so they won’t last), and the frames are made of heavy steel rather than lightweight aluminum. Brake levers are adult-sized so kids can barely reach them, and the gears are so heavy it’s hard to turn the shifter. Then there are features that are meant to look cool but don’t work (and only add weight): suspension forks that don’t compress, cheap disc-brakes that make more noise than they stop, heavy one-piece cranks that loosen all the time, and a lot of heavy steel parts.


So, what makes a Frog bike so good?

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum so your child isn’t riding a bike that weighs nearly as much as them. The wheels use strong double-walled rims and stainless steel spokes which are laced to high quality sealed-bearing hubs so the bike can last years if not decades. The brake levers are made for smaller hands and are easy to pull. It’s a high-quality bike, and that means two things: it’s fun to ride, and its built to last!


What’s the warranty?

Frog Bikes' standard warranty is for 2 years on all frames, forks, parts & paintwork (excluding tires and tubes). Frog offers a free extended warranty of 5 years on frames and forks (excluding suspension forks on MTBs) to the original owner if the bike is registered on Frog's website upon purchase. Does not include wear and tear.

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