Chain For Frame Lock 2.0

ABUS SKU: 810571-01
Abus 6KS Adaptor Chain for Pro-Tectic 4960 Wheel Lock (2262806462515)

Chain For Frame Lock 2.0

ABUS SKU: 810571-01
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Redefining what "combo lock" means, this is no cheapo shackle with an all-too-forgettable series of numbers. Paired with the Abus Pro-Tectic Wheel lock, this super powered chain makes for a combo that will leave most would-be thieves dumbfounded. 

Attaching directly to the Pro-Tectic Wheel Lock (a must have itself for quick pitstops and great extra security), the Abus Chain makes the Pro-Tectic a lean, mean security machine. Boasting powerful hardened steel links, the chain is ready to foil any leverage or bolt cutter attacks with ease, while offering its user the flexibility to lock virtually anywhere. 

  • Chain lock for main frame that plugs into Abus wheel locks
  • Also plugs into the Abus Alarmbox 2.0
  • 6mm steel chain
  • Tightly woven cover helps prevent cutting
  • Two spare keys
  • We do not advise using this model as a primary lock for your bicycle.
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