Brompton x Sakura Raffle

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Brompton x Sakura Raffle
Illustration of a raffle ticket with cherry blossoms and the word Brompton and $25
Flyer for Sakura x Brompton Raffle. Image of a Brompton with illustrated cherry blossoms. Text reads "Sakura x Brompton. Enter for a chance to win an Asia exclusive limited edition c-line Brompton. Purchase a $25 raffle ticket and also receive a $25 gift card to our online shop! *Details and rules apply. Draw ends June 2nd.
Illustration of a pink and white Brompton folding bike in front of a lake with cherry trees in blossom. Text across the top reading: "Sakura x Brompton"

Brompton x Sakura Raffle

Curbside Cycle SKU: sakura_raffle
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Enter for a chance to WIN one of TWO Asia exclusive limited edition C-line Bromptons. Purchase a $25CAD raffle ticket and receive a $25CAD gift card to our online shop

The winning tickets will be drawn on June 3rd. 

Some conditions apply


  • Participants must be located in Canada ONLY
  • No limit to the amount of tickets participants can purchase
  • Curbside Cycle reserves the right to change the draw or draw date at any time
  • The Prize (special edition Sakura Brompton) cannot be redeemed for cash value or substituted for other products
  • There is only one Brompton up for draw during this campaign
  • Ticket purchasing ENDS JUNE 2ND at 11:59pm
  • Winners will be contacted directly and shipping can be arranged
  • Once one winner is drawn they will be removed from the second raffle.


  • Gift Cards may take up to 24hours to be emailed after purchase
  • Gift Cards retain no cash value and can only be used AT OUR ONLINE SHOP 
  • Gift Cards cannot be used on SALE items or on BICYCLE ORDERS
  • Only one gift card will be distributed per raffle ticket purchase
  • Gift Cards cannot be used towards raffle tickets


Inspired by connections with nature and each other.

The limited Special Edition Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Brompton brings a distinctly Asian perspective to the Brompton bike. Inspired by the deep connections with nature with delicate pink tones and cherry blossom prints, this bike is compact and ready to explore. 

Story Behind Brompton Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Special Edition

The iconic cherry blossom season draws millions of admirers every year. Many travel great distances to come together and experience the natural spectacle of trees adorned with soft pink petals. But the beauty of the blossoms is greater than what’s on the surface. Behind every flower is the energy of a youthful shoot supported by a strong structure and deep roots.

Like the cherry blossoms, the joint energy of the Brompton communities across the Asia Pacific region radiates an atmosphere of openness and joy, drawing riders through their authentic cycle culture. Nature serves as an exercise backdrop. Moments of escape promote well-being for the mind and body.

Bike Specifications:

  • M-Type Handlebars (aka mid) *Cannot be swapped*
  • 6 Speed C-Line Explore Brompton
  • Standard Seat post Cannot be swapped
  • Silver Parts

For any questions or concerns please contact

Good luck!

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