Akku Battery Cover - Bosch Frame Batteries

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Akku Battery Cover - Bosch Frame Batteries (6635846074419)

Akku Battery Cover - Bosch Frame Batteries

Fahrer SKU: 239
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The Fahrer Akku Battery Cover for Bosch frame batteries is like a jacket for a big part of your e-bike. When it's cold out, you wouldn't leave the house without yours, so why should your battery go out into the wild without insulation?

These covers feature thick neoprene, this cover has two great uses: Protecting your battery from damage and during the cooler days keeps the heat in the battery rather than letting it dissipate.

To get the most out your battery cover, keep the battery inside when not using it. Before you set out, plug your battery in for a short time. Doing this, the internal temperature and self heating during use can be used optimally with the cover extending the range of your bike.

  • FAHRER Akku Battery Cover
  • For Bosch eBike Power Pack 300/400/500 Active/Performance
  • Larger sizes for 545W and 725W Powerpack batteries
  • Note: The 725W covers will not work with the Riese & Muller Load 75 **
  • Laminated Neoprene 4.5mm thick
  • Openings for power button and charge status LED
  • Protects against damages like scratches or impacts
  • Weather resistant against water, dust and dirt
  • Insulates against the cold keeping the heat in the battery
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