City Chain

ABUS SKU: 810028-03
ABUS CITY CHAIN 85CM KEY (5252023299)

City Chain

ABUS SKU: 810028-03
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The ABUS City Chain is a formidable chain and has the same security rating as the best-selling ABUS 470 U-Lock but with the added flexibility of a chain. Made from 9mm mega hardened German steel with a Kevlar coat and rust proof lock this lock will keep you safe.

If you're the kind of person who likes to ride everywhere, then chances are you've locked your bike up to a lot of strange objects of varying shapes and sizes. If you're carrying around a basic U-Lock, then finding the right object can be a chore. You want a lock that can get around anything, without having to plan. Or maybe there's someone after your ride with an angle grinder, and you need a lock with a coating that would cause most power tools to slide right off. Either way, this German made City Chain is for you.

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  • Corrosion proof coating (not just oiled like other leading brands) eliminates rust
  • Level 12 out of 15 security (we recommend anything 10 or over)
  • At 85cm or 110cm it is long enough for even the largest pole
  • Perfect for Cargo Bikes
  • 9mm mega-hardened German steel
  • Tough Kevlar textile webbing
  • Automatic keyhole cover
  • Key card for easy key replacement
  • Made in Germany
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