Verde Kineticore

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Verde Kineticore

Lazer SKU: BLC2447892566
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Meet Verde KinetiCore, a helmet designed with the welfare of cyclists—and the planet—in mind. Designed and assembled in Europe, and constructed primarily from recycled materials, it represents Lazer’s firm commitment to making cycling more sustainable for all. 

Verde KinetiCore follows a circular design, based on the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials.

The complete helmet is made up of a limited amount of components, without compromising on safety. Verde KinetiCore is rated 4 stars for safety in rotational impact tests. Using recycled materials wherever possible, a minimum of 70% of the helmet's weight is made of recycled materials such as recycled CDs. Who knew your old Nickelback and Madonna CDs would still come in handy?

Behind Verde KinetiCore's clean urban look hides an advanced technical detail, the EcoLoc, that allows the user to easily disassemble the helmet at the end of its life. Simply unlock, look for the stamps on the different materials and sort correctly at home.

A built-in port on the rear can be used to increase visibility with the Lazer universal LED. Once more allowing a complete disassembly of all parts at end of life as opposed to built-in solutions.

The helmet is a perfect fit for the urban commuter that is committed to their daily bike ride in all weather conditions. The helmet features cleverly designed vents to boost ventilation without allowing rain to enter. Once the temperature drops and cold wind is no longer welcome, the compatible winter kit offers increased warmth.

Please note that for hygienic and safety reasons all helmets are final sale.

  • Lazer Tempo - KinetiCore Helmet
  • Comfortable and extremely safe - perfect everyday helmet · Enhanced Protection: received the Dutch NTA 8776 protection certification that tests for higher speeds and harder impacts
  • Weighing just 350 grams, it’s among the lightest commuter helmets available.
  • KitentiCore Technology - Ultimate impact protection
  • Helmet reduces risk of concussions and rotational injuries
  • TurnSys system - Fit is easily adjusted via thumbwheel
  • Designed to evenly distribute pressure on head
  • Air vents give steady airflow when riding
  • Unisize/S-M  50-56cm  &  Unisize/M-L 55-61cm
  • For hygienic and safety reasons all helmets are final sale
  • This is an Oversize product - Extra shipping fees apply
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