Sport Drive Compact

Lezyne SKU: 760194-01

Sport Drive Compact

Lezyne SKU: 760194-01
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You hear the vicious hiss of air rushing out of your tire as you ride home on a hot day. You just want to get relax after your day at work and worry about getting the flax fixed tomorrow, but you know you aren't going to make it far without at least some air in your tire. Walking the whole way is sure to make you late for that event you said you'd turn up at later. Just your luck. Wait a minute, you just got a portable Lezyne pump from Curbside the other day. Tire full, problem solved.

Compact pump with overlapping handle, designed for high volume tires. Machined aluminum barrel and piston, composite matrix handle and end caps. Equipped with the Flex hose; Presta and Shrader valve compatible. Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount.

  • Machined aluminum barrel and piston will last a lifetime
  • Pumps to a maximum pressure of 90psi
  • Long flex hose prevents broken or damaged valves
  • 170mm
  • 100g
  • Fits both presta and schrader
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Lezyne Company Profile: Lezyne was founded in 2007 by Micki Kozuschek, an impressive German triathlete looking to make his mark in the American cycling industry. His goal was, and has always been to deliver premium bicycle accessories that could stand next to the highest end components - in other words, their focus was "Engineered Design" (which so happens to be their slogan!). Today, Lezyne is a trusted industry leader offering innovative award winning accessories all over the world. Their passion for cycling and quality engineering is self-evident - try one of their products and see for yourself. Whether you're looking for a great set of lights, a weirdly advanced hand pump, or any range of awesome tools and systems, you can rely on Lezyne to ensure that your ride stays as convenient, safe and fun as ever.
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