Saddle Clamp

Pitlock SKU: PNOSS34N
Pitlock Saddle Clamp - 34.9 in Silver (4433243668531)
Pitlock Saddle Clamp - 31.8 in Silver (4433243668531)
Pitlock Saddle Clamp - 38.6 in Silver (4433243668531)

Saddle Clamp

Pitlock SKU: PNOSS34N
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You protect your beautiful bike with the beefiest U-lock - but have you protected your components with the same care? Opportunistic thieves can go for your jugular and steal very important parts off your bike like the wheels, fork, seat post, saddle, or stem. Send them away bitter and empty-handed with Pitlock's range of super-security bolts. 

You'll need the Pitlock Saddle Clamp if you've purchased a seat post locking bolt and your seat post collar does not have outer pressure surfaces that are parallel, plane, or wide enough for the security bolts to nest against. Be sure to check the diameter of your seat post before ordering to get the proper size and ensure a snug fit. 

  • Pitlock Seat Clamp 
  • Replacement clamp works perfectly with seatpost security bolt 
  • Gives the seatpost security bolt something strong and firm to brace against to ensure a snug, secure fit
  • Available in 28.6mm, 31.8mm, or 34.9mm diameters
  • Made in Germany
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Pitlock Company History: Pitlock has been safeguarding bikes with precise German engineering since 1994. They have over 1,000 unique bolt patterns - more than any other brand worldwide - to guarantee the safety of every major part on your ride. Each bolt is custom-tooled in Germany to meet exact specifications and their attention to detail is second to none. Your bike is your pride and joy - keep every single part of it in your possession with Pitlock.

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