Oscar - Alfine 8 - Gates

Achielle SKU: ACH-OSC-BLK-57
Oscar - Alfine 8 - Gates
Oscar - Alfine 8 - Gates

Oscar - Alfine 8 - Gates

Achielle SKU: ACH-OSC-BLK-57
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The Achielle Oscar is a study in modern Belgian bike design, at once Fashionable-French in whimsy yet Dutch in its Calvinist quality. But then, the Belgians have always been that curious mixture of walled-off Dutch sensibility and the open, romantic sensibility of France - a flaneur on two wheels. 

The Oscar (and its sister the Olivia) are what European city bikes want to be when they grow up. The modern Gates carbon belt drive provides maintenance-free, uncompromising power to the 8-speed Alfine hub, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes allow you to ride as fast as you like and still be confident in your stopping power. The Oscar has sleek and modern dynamo lighting on the front fork and built into the rear fender, with daytime running lights and 70 LUX illumination for dark nighttime rides. A handmade steel frame offers comfort on rough roads and the matte powder-coated paint will withstand the stormiest, saltiest coastal weather. The bike is crowned with a Brooks Cambium C17 saddle and grips for all-weather riding, Brooks comfort, and sleek looks that will turn heads.

If you want the classiest European looks with the most modern sensibility, you've found it in the Achielle Oscar.

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  • Genuine Dutch bike, hand-built in Belgium
  • Roadster riding position gives you power where you need it while maintaining the comfort of a city bike
  • Gates carbon belt drive, invented for use on motorcycles, is lube-free to keep pants clean and lasts up to 30,000km before needing replacement
  • Full Dynamo lighting system - maintenance-free and anti-theft - that includes a 70 LUX front light and svelte Curana fender-integrated rear light 
  • Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal hub for steep hills and long flat straightaways
  • Hydraulic disc brakes give you absolute stopping power, no matter the weather
  • Brooks Cambium C17 saddle and grips for renowned Brooks comfort without the maintenance or break-in time of their traditional leather saddles
FRAME Achielle CORUS Steel, hand-brazed, Powder Coated (made in Belgium)
FORK Achielle CORUS Steel, hand-brazed, Powder Coated (made in Belgium)
HEADSET 1" Alloy
STEM Stainless Steel Quill 25.4
HANDLEBAR Chrome-plated steel, custom bend
GRIPS Lock-on Brooks Cambium Grips
SEATPOST Alloy Micro-adjust
SEAT Brooks Cambium C-17 (made in England)
FRONT BRAKE Shimano Hydraulic Disc
REAR BRAKE Shimano Hydraulic Disc
BRAKE LEVERS Saccon (made in Italy)
SHIFTER Shimano Alfine trigger shifter
FRONT HUB Shimano XT Dynamo
REAR HUB Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal gear 
SPOKES 13G Stainless Steel, 36 Spokes
RIMS Ryde rims painted matte to match the bike frame (made in Holland)
TIRES Continental Contact speed tires
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed Cartridge 68mm/105mm
CRANKS 44T x 170mm Steel
CHAIN Gates Carbon Belt Drive CDN (22T-50T)
COGSET 1/2" x 1/8" 22T
PEDALS VP Sandpaper 
FRONT LIGHT Busch & Muller IQ-XS, 70 LUX
REAR LIGHT  Busch & Muller built into Curana CLite Fenders
KICKSTAND Altman Steel (made in Sweden)

Curana CLite Fenders



57CM  5' 8" 6' 1"
61CM 6' 1" 6' 4"

How is a city bike different from other types of bikes?

Behind each bike lies a designer, and within each designer lie assumptions. The assumption of most North American bike designers is that people ride bikes for recreation, which usually involves a bike path, a country road, and several hours of spare time. The bikes that result from this assumption are usually hunched-over, have exposed oily drivetrains that require tighter athletic clothes, feature anywhere from 21 to 33 speeds, and aren’t usually made to be locked up to metal poles all day, especially in foul weather. A city bike is quite the opposite. Its position is gloriously upright, the chain is totally covered, you have all the gears you’d ever need (3-speeds for flatter terrain, 7 or 8-speeds for hills), and tough frames and sealed mechanisms to battle all kinds of weather.

What’s the difference between a brand like Achielle and others you carry?

There are several key principles behind a good city bike design: outdoor storability, clothing protection, low maintenance, theft-resistance, and comfort. As a heritage European brand, Achielle embodies all of these principles to the maximum. It has chip and rust-resistant frame with low maintenance internal mechanisms. It uses a full chainguard to keep clothing clean. The wheels are bolted on to keep thieves away and the bike is gloriously upright. Other brands aren’t nearly as outdoor storable (Pure City) while others expose the oily chain to your clothing (Pelago and Pure City). Only Fahrradmanufaktur employs same principles but updates them with a lighter aluminum frame.

Is a Step-thru for Women and a Roadster for Men?

Heck no! It’s the 21 st century and anyone can ride either a Step-thru or a Roadster. The difference between the two is not gender, but position. A Step-thru has a remarkably high head-tube that raises the handlebar so the back is straight and the hips pointed forward. A Roadster has a much shorter headtube that positions the rider over the handlebars for more control, and the hips over the cranksets for more power.

How strong are the wheels and will I get a lot of punctures?

Wheels are always the first part to break on most bikes and these wheels are strong! All the city bikes we sell feature strong double-walled rims that are internally box-sectioned to handle streetcar tracks and potholes. They all feature strong stainless-steel spokes that can never rust. 

What is an internal gear hub?

In Europe, a bike with an internal gear hub is what makes it a definitive city bike. Because the chain isn’t derailed up and down a set of external cogs (using a derailleur), the chain will never fall off again, and best of all, the chain can be covered so you can wear whatever you want. The gears are sealed inside the rear hub and they hold a tune two times longer than a derailleur, minimizing tune-ups and allowing you to store the bike outside throughout the winter problem-free. 

What is a belt drive?

Belt drives have been developed over the last 30 years for use in racing engines and motorcycles. They are a band of nylon teeth held together with a series of carbon fibre cords, paired with alloy alloy chainrings and stainless-steel cogs. They've recently made the jump to bikes because they're nearly silent, don't require lube (and are much more winter-proof as a result), don't rust or get jammed with debris, and last for up to 30,000km of riding before needing replacement. We don't see them often on North American bikes because they can't be used with external derailleurs, only internal hubs or crank-based gearboxes.

How do I ensure my new bike won’t get stolen? 

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Ten year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear

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