Urban Arrow - Family Cargo Line - Gates

Urban Arrow SKU: UA2253011
Urban Arrow Bosch Cargo Line Motor with Gates Belt Drive (6757686149171)
Urban Arrow Bosch Cargo Line Motor with Gates Belt Drive (6757686149171)

Urban Arrow - Family Cargo Line - Gates

Urban Arrow SKU: UA2253011
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The award-winning Urban Arrow Family represents a revolution in materials and technology when compared to other classic Dutch 'bakfiets' bikes.      

The frame is made of rust-proof, lightweight aluminum that is large in diameter to increase stiffness across the long wheelbase (on other brands you can really feel the frame flex as you corner). And, instead of using wood or plastics to provide impact resistance, the Urban Arrow cleverly uses lightweight EPS foam, the same impact resistant material found in approved bicycle helmets (it has nice armrests inside too!).  

The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line model is for those who carry a ton of cargo or have a ton of hills (or both!). With a massive 85nm of torque, the Cargo Line accelerates up the biggest hills and the larger 500Wh battery kicks up the mileage as high as 100km on a single charge. To control this power, the Cargo Line model comes with powerful hydraulic disc brakes that offer unparalleled modulation and stopping power. The Gates belt drive adopts motorcycle technology to give you 30,000km of riding before needing replacement - three times longer than a chain - and never needs lubricant, which means clean clothing for you. Other upgrades include a newly-designed steering rod, fenders, and seatpost alongside upgraded rims and tires. The newly-added Bosch Kiox display is customizable and shows a ton of information including cadence and calories, and allows for responsive navigation through fitness and mapping apps.  

With the option for an extra bench or a baby seat the Urban Arrow can grow with your family. 

  • Want to learn more? Book a consultation with one of our Cargo Bike experts
  • Modern Bakfiets two wheeled cargo bike with Bosch E-Assist
  • Low center of gravity gives a stable, controlled and comfortable ride
  • Bosch Performance Cargo Line Mid-Drive Motor with 85nm of torque will get you up any hill no matter how much weight you are carrying
  • Bosch 500Wh 36v Lithium-Ion Battery will take you up to 100km on a single charge
  • Enviolo Heavy Duty stepless internal gear hub has a massive 330% gear range
  • Magura / Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with massive 180/203mm rotors
  • Room for two little ones with dual three-point harnesses (four if you insert the optional extra bench and mount a baby seat on a rear rack)
  • Gates belt drive lasts 3x longer than a chain with no maintenance needed
  • New and improved Urban Arrow frame
  • Lightweight and highly impact-resistant EPS foam cargo box
  • Integrated LED lighting system
  • Optional Rain Tent for four season comfort
  • Designed for perpetual outdoor storage
  • Maximum Capacity: 250kg (Box=125kg, Rider=125kg)
FRAME Aluminum Alloy - Powder-coated
BOX Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam
DRIVE UNIT Bosch Performance Cargo Line with 85nm torque
BATTERY Long running Bosch 500Wh
COMPUTER MODES Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo

0-80% - 2 Hours

0-100% - 4 Hours

STEM 110mm 31.8mm adjustable
HANDLEBAR Ergotec Moon Cruiser 31.8mm
GRIPS Ergon GC10

Selle Royal Rio Plus

BRAKES Magura / Tektro Hydraulic 180mm front, 203mm rear
BRAKE LEVERS Magura / Tektro
SHIFTER Enviolo Twist Display Pro
FRONT HUB Alloy Disc 
REAR HUB Enviolo Heavy Duty - 330%
SPOKES Stainless steel, 36H, 13G
RIMS Ryde Andra 29 - 26", Ryde Andra 40 - 20"
TIRES Schwalbe Super Moto
CRANKS Miranda
COGSET Gates 22T for Enviolo
KICKSTAND Integrated spring loaded 
RACK Optional
LIGHTING Lezyne Power E115 & Spanninga Plateo XE
KIDS STEP Integrated Mouse Holes on either side
SEAT BELTS 2 x Three Point Harnesses
BIKE DIMENSIONS 255 x 65 x 110 cm
BOX DIMENSIONS +/- 90cm x 61cm x 86cm
BIKE WEIGHT 51 kg / 112 lbs

5' 4" 6' 7"

Why an e-assist cargo bike?

Several reasons! First, you might carry a lot of weight up in the box, or second, you commute longer distances or have to deal with hills. When buying a cargo bike we recommend not only thinking about the short-distance errands that constitute most urban life, but also its use for all-day weekend adventures.

Why a mid-drive versus a front or rear drive?

Great question! The e-assist market started with front wheel drives about a decade ago. They weren’t great. On a wet day as you slowed down into a corner the computer might sense (wrongly) that you need a boost and suddenly you’re slipping off the bike while executing a turn. The rear-drive is better, but is dominated by many unknown players. But, the big problem with rear-drives is that you are forced to use a derailleur system whereas a mid-drive allows for a low maintenance internal gear hub.  

How does this compare to other two-wheeled cargo bikes?

The Urban Arrow is the most evolved two-wheeled cargo bike and represents an intelligent re-think when it comes to materials. The frame is aluminum, which is 30% lighter than steel (and noticeable stiffer). Instead of using a heavy wood box, Urban Arrow uses an EPS foam box – the same high-impact stuff a certified bicycle helmet is made of.

What is this “Enviolo” system?

Enviolo is an American company that makes a super wide-range internal gear hub that is ‘infinitely variable,’ meaning you can roll the shifter forwards and backwards and there are no ‘clicks’ for gears. That means you can find the perfect gear for any terrain by twisting the shifter to exactly where you want it. It’s a low maintenance and sealed system, awesome. 

Can I use this bike for a business? 

Absolutely! The Urban Arrow is great for business. The e-assist is especially great if time is money. Email aaron@curbsidecycle.com if you’re interested in discussing a business solution. 

Can I store it outside?

You bet! All Urban Arrow bikes are built for perpetual outdoor storage. The aluminum frames are non-ferrous and therefore can’t rust. Moreover, they are coated with a super-tough and chip-resistant powder-coat. The gears are sealed in the rear hub and the powerful disc brakes use hydraulic fluid that won’t freeze (like many cables do) in the winter.

What is the maintenance like?

Very low! Because the Urban Arrow uses internal gears and low maintenance disc brakes the intervals between tune-ups are increased. We recommend air in the tires every three weeks. 

Can I put a car seat inside?

You sure can. Urban Arrow makes a great Maxi Cosi adaptor that bolts to the bottom of the box (which features suspension to reduce strain) and is compatible with many car seats.

Urban Arrow also makes a clever adapter to fit a YEPP Mini childseat once the kid is 8 months and up.  

Can I add more seats?

You sure can! Urban Arrow makes an extra bench that installs easily, bringing the kid count from two to four!

Does the battery lock to the bike?

Yep. That’s one expensive chunk of Lithium Ion. It locks on to the frame and only you can remove it with the key provided. 

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes up to five hours to charge the battery from flat to full, and there is no problem if you only charge the battery a little bit, halfway, or whatever. Bosch themselves suggest you should get 1500 complete charge cycles with the battery, which is typically 5+ years of use before a replacement is required.  

Why Bosch for the motor/battery system?

Bosch has been supplying the automotive industry for over 100 years and when they entered the e-bike market in the early 2000s they did so with a commitment to carrying over their extensive experience and focus on high standards of quality and reliability. As evidence of this Bosch was the first e-bike brand to ensure all of its motors, batteries and chargers meet UL 2849, an international e-bike safety standard. 

Bosch also draws on its automotive experience to create and maintain a massive network of highly trained dealers and service centres. This means you won’t struggle to find service for your bike whether that's with us or in another city around the world. 

Due to the high quality of the motor/battery systems and the massive network of service centres, investing in a Bosch system will save you time and money on maintenance and repairs over the life of the bike. Bosch also offers a spare parts guarantee, meaning they are committed to producing replacement parts, even for their discontinued systems, which means a longer life for your bike! 

What’s the rear wheel lock good for?

The rear-wheel lock is a clever design built for short in-and-out errands where finding a locking-pole may take longer than the errand. The rear-wheel lock lets you momentarily lock the bike to itself. It’s great if you need to quickly dash in and out to grab a coffee or at the park having a picnic.  

This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe.

What’s the warranty?

Five year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, Two-year on Bosch e-assist, Two-year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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