B67 Classic - Mens

Brooks SKU: B2001303
Brooks B67 gents sprung leather bicycle saddle in a antique brown (5567188227)
Brooks B67 gents sprung leather bicycle saddle in black (5567188227)
Brooks B67 gents sprung leather bicycle saddle in honey brown (5567188227)

B67 Classic - Mens

Brooks SKU: B2001303
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The Brooks B67 is a classic saddle with contemporary sensibilities. Dating back to 1927 the B67 is strongly sprung while still retaining the ability to fit on most modern seatposts. It features a single-rail frame supporting a finely aged leather upper, riveted together, as always, with stylish stainless steel.

  • Classically sprung for supreme comfort
  • Single rails for attachment to modern seat posts 
  • Double coil spring on the rear keeps for supreme comfort
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Handmade in England
  • Gents: Length: 260mm, Width: 205mm, Height: 73mm, Weight: 850g
  • Ladies: Length: 240mm, Width: 205mm, Height: 85mm, Weight: 810g

Breaking in a Brooks Saddle: Brooks saddles are made of thick, high quality leather. Like an excellent pair of shoes, the saddle molds to your individual body shape after a certain period of use, between 150-800km depending on the quality of the leather, (the select range uses much higher quality leather). After the comfort is second to none! **We recommend applying Brooks Proofide onto the top and underside of your saddle every few weeks from new to help it break in and mold to your shape much faster.

Caring for your Brooks Saddle: Just like a pair of leather shoes, Brooks saddles have to be treated once or twice a year with Brooks Proofide, a mix of natural oils, which keeps the saddle from drying out. All Brooks saddles have the ability to tighten (stretch) the leather as it sags. Tightening the leather keeps the saddle feeling like new for years to come. Brooks saddles are not waterproof so we recommend keeping them covered in wet conditions. If the bicycle is stored outside, using a Brooks Waterproof Saddle Cover will protect your saddle in even the harshest of showers.

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