Bosch ConnectModule

Bosch SKU: 290027-01
Bosch ConnectModule Component with GPS Tracking, Motion Sensor, and Alarm on Plain White Background

Bosch ConnectModule

Bosch SKU: 290027-01
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One of the first things on every e-bike and e-cargo bike users list is being able to lock up their bike with some peace of mind. Enter the Bosch ConnectModule, an exciting new development for the world of e-bike security. Install it on your Bosch Smart System bike to get all the features of the eBike Flow app including GPS tracking, and a built in alarm and motion sensor.

The Connectmodule features GPS tracking so you can stay on top of your bikes whereabouts, and its attachment to the motor means it’s cleverly concealed. Set up the eBike Alarm to have it automatically activated when you turn off your e-bike. If someone is sniffing around your bike, it will set off light & sound when jostled to warn away would-be thieves. Significant movement will trigger the full alarm and send a message to your phone to alert you. In the case of actual theft you can immediately report the bike as stolen through the app and use the GPS tracking to get it back.

There are tons more great features on the easy-to-use eBike Flow app including at-home updates to keep your bike up-to-date, advanced route planning & trip data, and a motor lock so the bike is unrideable until unlocked by your smartphone. Enjoy your coffee catch-up without having to have one eye out the door and stay connected to your eBike with the Bosch ConnectModule.

*Please note that the connect module requires a Flow+ app subscription. Free 12-month trial period. ConnectModule must be installed by a Bosch certified mechanic. Compatible with any bike with the Bosch Smart System.

  • Bosch ConnectModule - GPS tracker & alarm system
  • Available for all Bosch Smart System bikes
  • Features GPS tracking, and built in motion sensor and alarm
  • Lets off warning beep when detecting movement
  • Secures locked bikes with a loud alarm triggered by significant movement
  • Sends movement alerts via smartphone to keep you in the loop
  • Only available for use with a Bosch Flow+ subscription (Free 12-month trial period available)
  • Easily installed by Bosch certified mechanics
  • Click here for more Bosch Flow+ information
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