Bosch Compact Travel Charger

Bosch SKU: 290008-04
Bosch Compact Travel Charger for Bosch E-Bikes (6663624753203)

Bosch Compact Travel Charger

Bosch SKU: 290008-04
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Keeping your Bosch e-bike at the ready means ensuring the battery is charged. The Bosch Compact Charger is 40% smaller and 200g lighter than the kit charger that comes stock with most Bosch e-bikes for easy travel.   

The 110-230V Bosch Standard Charger is compatible with Bosch Active Line, Active Line Plus, Cargo Line, Performance Line, and Performance Line CX motor systems and will bring your battery from empty to full within 5-9 hours depending on its capacity. Weighing in at just 600 grams, its vent-free design means it's dirt-proof and perfectly suited to come along on long-distance tours in a pannier or bike bag. The small size means you can bring a little extra as well!   

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  • Bosch Compact Travel Charger
  • 110-230V
  • Recharge your e-bike's battery in as little as 5 hours (300V battery) or as much as 9 hours (625W battery)
  • 40% less bulky than Bosch Standard Charger
  • Weighs just 600 grams for excellent portability
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