Granit x Plus 540 U-Lock - 230mm

ABUS SKU: 810203-01
ABUS GRANIT X PLUS 540 U-LOCK  (5251760259)
ABUS GRANIT X PLUS 540 KEY (5251760259)

Granit x Plus 540 U-Lock - 230mm

ABUS SKU: 810203-01
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The ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 U-Lock is the security equivalent of fifty trained guard dogs surrounding your bicycle, keeping it safe from sneaky thieves and brute force bandits alike. Made of high-tensile, tempered steel in the heart of Germany, this heavy hitter will always keep your bike exactly where you left it.

With its indestructible double-pin locking mechanism, you'll be leaving your bike in the sketchiest parts of town without batting an eye. Put all that inside a rubberized, no-scratch shell, and you're looking at one of the best U-locks on the market. 

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  • Level 15 out of 15 security (the very best!)
  • 13mm mega-hardened alloy
  • Square shackle has significantly more material than round shackle
  • Patented parabolic shackle defies leverage attacks
  • Manual keyhole cover
  • Key card for easy key replacement
  • Weight: 1450g, Height 230mm, Width 108mm
  • Made in Germany
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