Bristol 7-Speed - Roadster

Pelago SKU: BRI52-7R-GRY-N
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Traffic Grey (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Grey (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black in SNow (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black in SNow (6617633325107)
Pelago Bristol Vintage 3-Speed City Bike - Winter and All Season - Black in Snow (6617633325107)

Bristol 7-Speed - Roadster

Pelago SKU: BRI52-7R-GRY-N
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It's -13 degrees celsius in Joensuu, Finland - snow covering the ground - and the streets are filled with well-dressed cyclists, cheeks rosy as they cycle home from work or school. What's the secret? Good infrastructure to be sure, but also great bikes. 

Finland shares a lot in common with the North American northeast: icy cold winters, lots of snow cover, and salt to keep streets clear. But, at the same time, Finland and Canada are full of dense cities with a population that loves to live outdoors. That produces a different sensibility that drives Pelago design: lightweight bikes for longer rides (or hills), strong finishes for weather protection, and comfortable upright frames that take comfort and safety seriously. 

The Pelago Bristol 7-Speed Roadster is a Finnish city bike with classic beauty and four-season practicality that rides anywhere the streets take you all twelve months of the year. The 7-speed hub has a wide gear range that can tackle distance or hills, and it's internally sealed for four-season riding or storage. Best of all, the Bristol comes equipped with a dynamo light set. Powered by electricity produced from the front hub, the dynamo light is super-bright for those long nordic nights, and best of all: bolted to the bike so firmly that it makes thieves think twice. 

What's more? The Bristol has fenders keep you dry in shoulder-season rainstorms, and rim brakes to provide reliable stopping power. Sturdy double-walled rims support Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus tires with internal puncture-proof protection for riding over glass and urban debris. The frame has welded braze-ons to allow for bottle cage mounting - a feature most city bikes overlook that makes this bike great for longer rides.

In addition to its enormous practicality, the Bristol is stylish in a vintage classic way. A full-grain Brooks B17 leather saddle adds a touch of sophistication and tons of comfort once broken in and perfectly accents the heritage frame colours. Swept-back handlebars provides a comfortable riding position while still allowing you to bear down when needed for climbs and breakaways. Add a rear rack and basket of your choice to make the Bristol a constant companion on your adventures in the city and out on the rail trails.  

  • Questions? Book a consultation with one of our City Bike experts
  • Pelago Bristol 7-Speed - Made in Finland
  • Roadster-style frame with upright riding position 
  • Chromoly Steel frame  - Strong, lightweight and comfortable
  • Shimano Nexus 7-Speed internal gears - Low maintenance and reliable for year-round use
  • Grip shifter - Dependable and easy to use in the winter with mittens or gloves
  • Dynamo Light system: super bright, battery free, no more stolen lights!
  • Front and Rear Steel fenders - Sturdy and reliable with no risk of cracking
  • Swept-back handlebar - Comfortable for long days in the saddle
  • Rim Caliper Brakes - Powerful & easy to adjust
  • Brooks Leather B17 Saddle - Super comfy for a lifetime when broken in, made in the UK
  • Double walled aluminum rims - Strong and lightweight
  • Puncture resistant Schwalbe tires - Care free city riding
  • Strong side mount kick stand
  • Optional: Pelago Chainguard keeps your chain clean and protected from the elements 
FRAME Pelago TIG-welded steel frame, 5-year limited warranty
FORK Pelago 1" threaded, lugged, 5-year limited warranty
HEADSET 1" Threaded, Aluminum, Silver
STEM Pelago 40mm, 25.4mm, Silver
HANDLEBAR Pelago Commuter, 65mm rise, 25.4mm, Aluminum, Silver
GRIPS Texturized rubber
SEATPOST 28.6mm, Aluminum, Silver
SEAT Brooks B17, Leather, Honey
BRAKES Rim Caliper brakes
BRAKE LEVERS Aluminum, 4-finger
SHIFTER Shimano Nexus Revo
FRONT HUB Sturmey Archer Hub Dynamo
REAR HUB Shimano Nexus 7-Speed Internal
RIMS Pelago STD Double-walled Aluminum, 700C, 36H, Silver
TIRES Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus - 700 x 35 - Puncture resistant
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed Cartridge BB, 68mm BSA, 117mm
CRANKS Forged Alloy, 44T, 170mm, Stainless hardware, Silver
CHAIN KMC Z-610 RB, 3/32"
COGSET Shimano 19T, 3/32"
PEDALS Aluminum with rubber grip, Silver

50mm Steel, Powder-coated in frame colour

LIGHTS Herrmans H-Black MR24 Front w/ Pixeo XDS Rear
WEIGHT 15.2 kg / 33.5 lbs



SMALL (52CM) 5' 5" 5' 9"
MEDIUM (56CM) 5' 9" 6' 1"
LARGE (60CM) 6' 1" 6' 5"

How is a city bike different from other types of bikes?

Behind each bike lies a designer, and within each designer lies assumptions. The assumption of most North American bike designers is that people ride bikes for recreation, which usually involves a bike path, a country road, and several hours of spare time. The bikes that result from this assumption are usually hunched-over, have exposed oily drivetrains that require tighter athletic clothes, feature anywhere from 21 to 33 speeds, and aren’t often made to be locked up to metal poles all day, especially in foul weather. A city bike is quite the opposite. Its position is gloriously upright, the chain is able to be totally covered, you can wear whatever you want, you have all the gears you’d ever need (3-speeds for flatter terrain, 7 or 8-speeds for hills), and tough frames and sealed mechanisms to battle all kinds of weather. 

What’s the difference between a brand like Pelago and others you carry?

Here in Canada, winters can suck. But Finland is reported as being the happiest country worldwide - and their winters are much colder, darker, and longer than ours! Part of this can be attributed to the fact that they cycle year-round, with the city of Oulu being the informal winter cycling capital of the world. You can ride in all seasons with any bike (and many Canadian cyclists do) but the Fins are dedicated to riding good bikes that are made to handle winter weather - with powder-coated steel frames, internal gear hubs, upright riding positions and puncture-proof tires.

When comparing a Pelago to a Linus, the Pelago will be a lot longer-wearing - the paint won't "pock" over time and the frame is stronger. A fair comparison would be a Pelago against an Achielle, but the latter is much heavier and designed for slower rides than the more moderately-positioned Pelago. A Fahrradmanufaktur cuts its teeth on being an excellent trekking bike as well as a city bike, whereas the Pelago shines in urban environments with some longer rail-path rides thrown in.

Is a Step-thru for Women and a Roadster for Men?

Heck no! It’s the 21stcentury and anyone can ride either a Step-thru or a Roadster. The difference between the two is not gender, but position. A Step-thru has a remarkably high head-tube that raises the handlebar up very high so the back is straight and the hips pointed forward. A Roadster has a much shorter headtube that positions the rider over the handlebars for more control, and the hips over the cranksets for more power. If you imagine yourself toodling through the bike lane at a stylish and efficient pace, choose a Step-thru. If you imagine a bit more zip and power then choose a Roadster.

How strong are the wheels and will I get a lot of punctures?

Wheels are always the first part to break on most bikes and these wheels are strong! All the city bikes we sell feature strong double-walled rims that are internally box-sectioned to handle streetcar tracks and potholes. They all feature strong stainless-steel spokes that can never rust. Bikes like the Pelagos also feature Schwalbe Delta Plus tires that are Kevlar-belted to drastically reduce punctures in the city.

What is an internal gear hub?

In Europe a bike with an internal gear hub is what makes it a definitive city bike. Internal gear hubs are awesome. Because the chain isn’t derailed up and down a set of external cogs (using a derailleur), the chain will never fall off again, and best of all, the chain can be covered so you can wear whatever you want. The gears are sealed inside the rear hub and they hold a tune two times longer than a derailleur, minimizing tune-ups and allowing you to store the bike outside throughout the winter problem-free.

How do I ensure my new bike won’t get stolen?

Research shows that very few bicycle thefts are related to a bicycles value and are best defined as low-risk/low-return. A good bicycle lock is expensive to break through and takes time, thus increasing the risk and lowering the return. Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and that makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good Abus U-lock or a chain and you’ll be fine. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Five year warranty for manufacturer's defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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