Tube - Presta - 50mm Valve

Schwalbe SKU: 305-9928031
Schwalbe Tubes with Presta and Schrader Valves (1661005955123)

Tube - Presta - 50mm Valve

Schwalbe SKU: 305-9928031
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Once upon a time when our pioneering ancestors rolled along on solid rubber tires, which were awful and hurt. Thankfully, we have the pneumatic tire, a marvel of invention that makes riding infinitely better. As long as your tire is inflated that is, and the first step is good tubes. Where quality is concerned, you can trust Schwalbe. 

Schwalbe tubes go through incredibly rigorous processing and testing to ensure purity of the rubber material (which is crucial for consistent thickness and strength!) and for reliability and consistency tube to tube. In addition, Schwalbe tires are designed to be elastic. While some tubes' range for fit is only 2-4mm (eg. 23-25C), Schwalbe's are always more elastic, which is indicative of higher quality!

  • The best for airtightness, reliability and elasticity
  • Long (50mm) Presta Valve (SV - Standard Valve) for deep dish wheels
  • Always make sure you check your tire size on the side of your tire!
  • BROMPTON: 16x1-3/8
  • MOULTON: 17x1-1/4 or 20x1-1/8
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Schwalbe Company History: Schwalbe found its start in 1973 when founder Ralf Bohle started importing Korean bicycle tires to Germany. Using "Swallow" brand tires, Bohle opted to use the German translation of the original brand - "Schwalbe". Since founding, Schwalbe has built a reputation internationally for quality and durability, offering some of the best puncture-resistant tires on the market.

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