Granit 53 - London

ABUS SKU: 810509-01
Abus Granit 53 London High Security U-Lock (4415358304307)
Abus Granit 53 London High Security D-Lock (4415358304307)
Abus Granit 53 London High Security U-Lock with Bike Bracket (4415358304307)
Abus Granit 53 London Top Security U-Lock (4415358304307)

Granit 53 - London

ABUS SKU: 810509-01
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The Abus Granit 53 London is a Curbside exclusive! As the first Abus retailer in North America, we leveraged our relationship with Abus to get the security our customers needed - direct from Germany. Designed for the the high-theft UK market, the Granit 53 London offers the best security grade per dollar of any competing Abus lock.  

Like London, Toronto is a high-theft city and the majority of bikes are stolen using a "leverage attack," where thieves bend a U-lock open using a crowbar. The London is designed to be the most leverage resistant U-lock on the market and features an unusually burly 13mm shackle made of engineered German steel. 

Most Abus U-locks at this price use a 12mm shackle and rate a Security Level 12 out of 15. We find that anything above Security Level 10 is fine for Toronto, but the London offers an amazing Security Level 14 out of 15, for the same price as a Level 12 lock!!! Simply put, this is a lock we have supreme confidence in.

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  • Abus Granit 53 London
  • Level 14 out of 15 security
  • 13mm mega-hardened German steel
  • Corrosion proof coating (not just oiled like other leading brands) eliminates rust
  • Patented parabolic shackle defies leverage attacks
  • ABUS-X-Plus cylinder for top protection against picking attacks
  • Double-bolted shackle with patented power cell armored technology
  • Integrated automatic keyhole cover
  • Supplied with two keys and a key card for easy key replacement
  • Strong and secure bicycle mount included
  • Weight: 1150g, Height 230mm, Width 108mm
  • Made in Germany
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