Cyclestar 80

Busch + Müller SKU: B&M903/7

Cyclestar 80

Busch + Müller SKU: B&M903/7
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The Busch & Muller Cycle Star 80 Mirror is the quite possibly the most premium bicycle mirror on the market today. The massive 80mm shatter proof mirror provides huge field of view with crystal clear optics.

Constructed from high grade Aluminum, the mirror is extremely lightweight and strong and locks into handlebars with internal diameters between 17.2-22mm. It can easily be folded in to prevent breakage while parking and is extremely adjustable thanks to its ball-and-socket joint. 

  • Busch & Muller Cyclestar 80
  • Premium rear view bicycle mirror
  • Large field of view for a clear picture 
  • 80mm diameter
  • Folds in for easy protection when parking
  • Shatter Protection
  • Extremely adjustable thanks to ball-and-socket joint
  • Made from high quality Aluminum
  • Made in Germany 
    MODEL Type 903/7
    BODY MATERIAL Aluminum
    MIRROR 80mm Shatter-proof glass
    MOUNTING SYSTEM Mounts inside handlebars with internal diameter between 17.2mm - 22mm
    MANUFACTURED Made in Germany
    WARRANTY 5 years from purchase date unless otherwise stated
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