Mudguard Blade & Flap

Brompton SKU: Q101035

Mudguard Blade & Flap

Brompton SKU: Q101035
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Genuine Brompton Mudguard Blade & Mud Flaps. Rainy Days and Sundays Always Get You Down? Then you'll be needing one of these, essential for keeping dry on those wet roads and rainy days.

A broken front mudguard is normally a sign of incorrect folding so if it cracked at the bottom by the mudguard stay double check your folding technique.   

Available for both Version L and Version R Brompton bikes. Version L is a bike that just has mudguards and requires additional mudguard stays and Version R is a bike with a rear pannier rack and the mudguard has an extra tab that secures directly to the rack.

Constructed from Chromoplastic which is made by sandwiching Aluminum strips inside a plastic housing resulting in a stiff and sturdy mudguard that will keep you dry and won't break. Available in Black, Silver or White so you can customize your bike. Both supplied with a new mud flap, the front is made from tear proof lightweight truck tarp and the the rear is made from flexible rubber to keep you and your feet dry.

  • Genuine Brompton replacement part
  • Front and Rear Mudguard Blade & Flaps
  • Rear available for version L & R bikes
  • Full length fender keeps you dry and your bike clean
  • Front is supplied with a mudflap made from lightweight tear proof truck tarp
  • Rear is supplied with the mudflap made from flexible rubber
  • Flexible Chromoplastic construction
  • Available in Black, Silver or White
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A BIT ABOUT BROMPTON: If you were to walk into the store and look at a Brompton we would say there are three things you should look for in a folding bike. All of them are fairly obvious. One, the bike should ride well - and, on a small wheeled bike that's tricky because there's a fine line between maneuverability (which is a virtue) and twitchiness (which is a vice). Two, the bike should fold well - otherwise you're blood pressure will rise and you'll curse the day you bought it. Third, it should be transportable, or highly storable - because that's the whole point, right?

Brompton is the only company we've seen that answers all three criteria - and believe us, we've tried every brand out there. The reason others can't compete is because Brompton has answered a fundamental engineering problem. If a bike is going to unfold to a large footprint (which takes the twitch out) then it is unfolding to a bigger bike - and by all logic, a bigger bike unfolded would be a bigger bike folded. So, it's pretty much true that for most folding bikes they either have great rideabilty but poor transportability or vice versa. And nearly all of them are a mess to fold.

Not Brompton. Brompton has designed the Platonic form of all folding bikes. The bike folds to the smallest size on the market, unfolds in a highly precise and easy manner, and has the same axle-to-axle footprint as a hybrid bike. How did they do this? By not only designing a clever frame, but also designing some 1200 proprietary parts that make everything fit - and fit perfectly. Oh, and nearly all of this is made in England. No wonder this bike has a cult following.

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