Blivet #3 Lobster Glove

Blivet SKU: BLI-5GL-1-BLK-XS
Blivet #3 Lobster Gloves (6624958775347)
Blivet #3 Lobster Gloves - Cuff Detail (6624958775347)
Blivet #3 Lobster Gloves - Fleece Liners (6624958775347)
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Blivet #3 Lobster Glove

Blivet SKU: BLI-5GL-1-BLK-XS
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Winter riding can be unpredictable so, novice or veteran, when it comes to conquering the snowy (or slushy) streets, staying comfortable is key. That’s where the Blivet Lobster Gloves come in. Their versatile and simple design make them the perfect option to carry any and all winter riders through the long, dark months of winter.  

Whether you're facing brutal icy winds or mild chilly rains, the Blivet Lobster Glove is equipped and ready! The windproof outer polyester shell acts as first defence to keep out the wind, rain, and snow, while the choice of two removable liners gives you the flexibility to stand up against unpredictable winter weather. For bitter winter mornings, slip in the 300g fleece liner to protect your precious digits, then simply swap out for the lighter 200g liner as the afternoon warms up. 

Between the printed silicone grip to help maintain control and the adjustable band around the wrist for the snuggest of fits, these gloves are designed to stay put without getting in the way. Touchscreen-capable thumbprints make accessing your devices simple and fuss-free. Make your winter expeditions that much easier with the Blivet Lobster Gloves.

  • Blivet #3 Lobster Gloves
  • Windproof and water-repellent outer polyester shell for a warm & dry ride
  • Highly absorbent inner shell lined with velvet and polyurethane film - Expels moisture and keeps out wind
  • Printed silicone on palms for a firm grip
  • Elastic band at the wrist for a snug fit
  • Sensitive thumb material with phone touch screen capability
  • Includes two sets of removable and washable inner liners that ensure a dry and clean ride, every time
  • Click here to review the Blivet size guide (gloves tend to fit small)
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