Draugenklaw Pogies for Flat Bar

45NRTH SKU: HT4546
45NRTH Draugenklaw Winter Pogies - Mounted - Diagonal View (4341893070899)
45NRTH Draugenklaw Pogies Mounted on Bike Flat Bar (4341893070899)
45NRTH Draugenklaw Flat Bar Pogie - One Side (4341893070899)

Draugenklaw Pogies for Flat Bar

45NRTH SKU: HT4546
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Few things feel more discouraging in the world of riding than having frigid, immobile hands. Any cold weather rider has once known the dread of numb fingers suffering the fury of frozen winds and likely never wants to even think about the experience. There's gloves to help, and sometimes gloves inside gloves - wouldn't it be nice if instead of turning your hands into fabric Russian dolls, you could just... not suffer the wind?

Enter the Draugenklaw - a lightweight pogie with a hardy spirit. For those who have never used them, pogies are like gloves for your handlebars, encompassing your grips, brake levers and mech, protecting your hands from the harsh cold and wind - almost like having your hands indoors instead of just layering them up. Perfect for keeping the cold out and the heat in, 45NRTH's Draugenklaw Pogies are the ultimate solution for keeping you riding happily on blustery days that would normally send you hurdling for transit!

  • Lightweight and streamlined
  • Weather-resistant exterior with soft, fleecy interior
  • One Size fits all
  • Inside made from Far-Infrared Yarn, a specialized polyester fibre designed to accumulate heat and maintain warmth
  • Includes bar plugs to keep pogies in place
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