SV-8-FB Dynamo Hub for Brompton - 74/9mm QR - Rim Brake

SP Dynamo SKU: M-SV8FB-28-BLK
SP Dynamo SV-8-FB Hub in Black for Brompton Bikes (4437684813875)
SP Dynamo SV-8-FB Hub in Silver for Brompton Bikes (4437684813875)

SV-8-FB Dynamo Hub for Brompton - 74/9mm QR - Rim Brake

SP Dynamo SKU: M-SV8FB-28-BLK
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This Shutter Precision SV-8-FB dynamo front hub is designed for 16" Brompton bike wheels with 74mm fork spacing, 9mm quick-release skewer and rim brakes. It comes included with an M-connector (female end) to link the hub to your dynamo light.         

Dynamo lighting systems are the solution for safety both day and night, no matter the weather or season. It's a combined effort of a dynamo hub that sits at the centre of a front wheel and generates power when the wheel spins. That power is then transmitted to a wired-in front and rear light that illuminate the road ahead and alert drivers behind that you're riding up ahead. And there's a huge benefit to dynamo over battery or USB-rechargeable lights: dynamo lights are permanently bolted on and useless without their hub, which makes them particularly theft-proof. They don't have batteries that wear out, are fully waterproof, and automatically turn on whenever you're riding for guaranteed light - no matter the riding conditions, come snowstorms or torrential downpours. And unlike battery lights that are moreso for being seen on the streets, dynamo lights often measure light output in LUX, which defines how far the light travels rather than its brightness - absolutely critical for headlights on nocturnal rides through potholey streets or on pitch-black unlit trails.

Why choose SP Dynamo hubs? Gone are the days of heavy hubs that drag like crazy and bottle dynamo rollers that wear out wheel rims - Shutter Precision (SP) Dynamo hubs are engineered with expert attention to detail. They are low drag - meaning that they don't hamper your wheel spinning and ensure all the energy you input goes straight to work keeping you moving - and are incredibly lightweight for a minimal weight penalty. Each one has a CNC-machined alloy body and sealed bearings for weatherproofed durability and ultimate longevity. 

Not sure which dynamo hub you need for your bike? Email us at and we'll get you sorted!  

  • Need some help? Read our Dynamo Buyers Guide!
  • SP SV-8-FB Dynamo Hub
  • CNC-machined for a sturdy, exact build construction
  • Sealed bearings are weatherproof and will last for ages
  • Low drag means efficient pedal power transfer to the drivetrain
  • Lightweight construction for minimal weight penalty when adding dynamo lighting to any bike
  • Compatible with 16" Brompton wheels with 74mm fork spacing, 9mm quick-release skewer and rim brakes
  • Available for 28-spoke wheels
  • M-connector included (female end)
6 volt 3 watt
16" Brompton wheels
BRAKE Rim brakes
AXLE 9mm quick-release skewer
COLOUR Black or Silver
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