Nordic Xtreme - 12V

Herrmans SKU: 4099-0159
Nordic Xtreme - 12V

Nordic Xtreme - 12V

Herrmans SKU: 4099-0159
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​​The Herrmans Nordic Extreme 12V is a sleek, simple, and extremely powerful front light for e-bikes capable of producing 650 lumens of output on its low beam setting, and a whopping 1100 lumens on its high beam setting. Hermmans and Nordic Lights drew inspiration from technology in the car industry to make this one of the brightest and most robust front lights on the market. The smart bracket solution means it can be mounted on the handlebar, the stem, or the fork – one of the reasons it can work with all kinds of e-bikes (in the 25km/h - 45km/h range). The alloy housing works to keep the LEDs cool, and the large glass lens is super UV and scratch resistant, meaning this light is built to last! The high lumen count and tough construction make the Nordic Extreme 12V the best choice for your e-bike adventures. Made in Finland.  

Herrmans front lights are not compatible with Brompton Electric lighting systems.

  • Herrmans Nordic Xtreme 12V E-Bike Front Light
  • Two LEDs for a total of 650 Lumens on the low beam and 1100 Lumens on the high beam
  • Efficient cooling of the LEDs through the alloy housing
  • Waterproof
  • UV and scratch resistant glass lens for durability
  • Not compatible with Electric Brompton lighting systems
  • Made in Finland
MATERIAL Alloy body
USAGE 25km/h - 45km/h E-Bikes
OUTPUT 650 lumens - Low Beam, 1100 lumens - High Beam
ILLUMINANCE 120 lux - Low Beam, 250 lux - High Beam
MOUNTING Handlebar, stem, or fork mounting
MANUFACTURE Made in Finland
WARRANTY 2 year from purchase date unless otherwise stated
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