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  • Larry vs Harry Bullitt Garage Bike Pyjama Cover with Reflective Details





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If you store your Bullitt outdoors, the Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Garage is a necessary tool to add to your maintenance kit. It keeps rain and snow off your bike for a long-lived steed.

Made of a tough and resilient nylon material, the Bullitt Garage is totally waterproof and the tight weave makes it nearly impossible to tear. Reflective details over the front and rear wheel ensures that your bike keeps a low profile during the day, while reflective stripes over the front and rear wheel provide nighttime alerts to cars parallel-parking on streets where you store your bike.  

  • Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Garage
  • Keeps your bike clean and snow-free when stored outside - Reduces maintenance costs
  • Made of a tear-resistant waterproof nylon 
  • Reflective stripes warn off cars parallel-parking close by
  • Colour: Black 
  • Material: Waterproof nylon  
      Bullitt Company History: Bullitt is owned by Larry and Harry and the company that owns Bullitt is called Larry Versus Harry, because they don't always agree on everything. When they do, a product like Bullitt appears - the most drool-worthy cargo bike on the market. Larry is an industry veteran in the three-wheeled Danish cargo bike market and Harry is an ex-courier and contractor who used and old Danish two-wheeled "long john" cargo bike. They both agreed that the two-wheeled cargo bike is faster than three-wheeled cargo bike and, is perfect for deliveries where time is money. So, an industry veteran and an ex-courier got together and revived the Danish "long john" (the two wheeled cargo bike is a Danish, not Dutch invention) and today it's used by DHL and families all over the world. This is, unabashedly, the best handling cargo bike on the market, and that means good handling skills are required. If you're an existing cyclist who has a small business or a small family (this bike only seats one kid), this is a cargo bike you can immediately understand. It's obsessively lightweight, uses performance parts you already love, and positions your body over the handlebars for maximum acceleration, cornering and efficiency. It's not a cargo bike for everyone, but in a world of upright, heavy, mini-van style cargo bikes, this is a high-handling and (equally) safe alternative.
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