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The Simcoe Deluxe Step-Through is a Dutch bike for North America. Combining traditional dutch step-through geometry but with a few North American touches like a shorter than average wheelbase for quick acceleration, lighter for carrying up stairs and more agile for getting through busy traffic. With a durable steel frame, a virtually maintenance free Shimano internal gear hub, the Simcoe is a timeless city bike born right here in Toronto, Canada.

This is a ride that will brave every commute without complaint. When winter winds whip or rain comes down hard, the frame's rust-resistant coating will shrug it all off like a cool summer breeze. When the going gets tough, your Simcoe Roadster will always be tougher, all the while staying as strikingly stylish as ever.

Also available in roadster frame!

  • Classic comfortable dutch step-through position but with a more agile and quick feel
  • Hi-Tensile & Chromoly Steel frame = Comfortable
  • Aluminum full chain case and fenders are rust proof and keep your clothes clean
  • Shimano 7 speed internal gears keep things simple and maintenance free
  • Super strong 36 oversize spoke eyeletted wheels for those potholes and OOOPS moments
  • Puncture resistant Kevlar tires with reflective sidewalls
  • Rust resistant 4-layer paint work
  • Full European rear rack sturdy enough for even the biggest shop (or even a mate)
FRAME Hi-Tensile Steel with Chromoly seat tube
FORK Hi-Tensile Steele with Chromoly steerer tube
PAINT Rust-resistant phosphate base layer, two layer wet coat, ultra-durable polyurethane 30% semi-matte clearcoat
HEADSET FSA TH-1150W Alloy/Steel
STEM Kalloy AL-222, 25°rise, 25.4mm x 60mm length
HANDLEBAR Alloy 35mm rise, 50° backsweep
SEATPOST Kalloy SP-375, cold forged alloy, 27.2
SEAT Vinyl with Springs
BRAKES Tektro R369 Dual Pivot
BRAKE LEVERS Tektro FL 540, high polished alloy
SHIFTER Shimano 7 speed Rapid Fire
FRONT HUB Alloy, non-quick release
REAR HUB Shimano Nexus 7
SPOKES 13G Rear, 14G Front
RIMS Weinmann ZAC2400, 700c, Double wall, 36H with Stainless Steel eyelets, satin finish, machined sidewalls
TIRES Kenda Eurotrek, puncture resistant lining, high reflective sidewalls
CRANKS Samox SAC22, fluted arms, 46T
COGSET Shimano 18T
PEDALS Wellgo LU-975, Rubber Top, Boron Axle
KICKSTAND Classic single arm
RACK Heavy Duty 16mm Steel, EN certified
FENDERS Rust-proof, lightweight alloy, painted to match, fluted with silver tip, single alloy stay, leather washers
CHAINGUARD Rustproof and durable alloy, full clothing protection, painted to matched
SMALL - 18 Inches - 26x1-3/8 WHEEL 4' 9" 5' 5"
MEDIUM - 20 Inches - 700C WHEEL 5' 6" 6' 1"


Simcoe Step Through Geometry
Simcoe Brands Logo
SIMCOE COMPANY HISTORY: Simcoe was born out of the need for a North American Dutch bike. Some thing that is lighter, more agile and with better rust resistance for Canadian winters. It was also developed right here with Curbside Cycle in Toronto Canada. In many ways, Simcoe is a tale of Curbside selling city bikes to a customer that always rode in the city - but didn't have a real city bike. Finding that real city bike became our mission, and Simcoe is very much the completion of that mission.
How is a city bike different from other types of bikes?

Behind each bike lies a designer, and within each designer lie assumptions. The assumption of most North American bike designers is that people ride bikes for recreation, which usually involves a bike path, a country road, and several hours of spare time. The bikes that result from this assumption are usually hunched-over, have exposed oily drivetrains that require tighter athletic clothes, feature anywhere from 21 to 33 speeds, and aren’t usually made to be locked up to metal poles all day, especially in foul weather. A city bike is quite the opposite. Its position is gloriously upright, the chain is totally covered, you have all the gears you’d ever need (3-speeds for flatter terrain, 7 or 8-speeds for hills), and tough frames and sealed mechanisms to battle all kinds of weather. 

What’s the difference between a brand like Simcoe and others you carry?

Simcoe was originally designed by Curbside employees to fill a hole in the market between heavy, four-season Dutch bikes and lightweight, two-season city bikes from California. Simcoe shares the same ethos of brands like Pelago and Fahrradmanufaktur: bikes designed for four-season durability yet light enough to lift indoors or take on longer rides. Frames are undercoated with rust-resistant base-layers and finished with anti-chip polyurethane top layers. Wheels are exceptionally strong. Chainguards cover the entire chain, not just half. And the ride quality – a perfect balance of handling and stability – is best-in-class. 

Tell me more about this ride quality.

While traditional Northern European brands continue to use heavy steel frames and parts, newer brands like Pelago, Fahrradmanufaktur and Simcoe represent a global re-think on materials. Simcoe takes this a step further with geometry. Designed with an ex-Cervelo engineer, Simcoe lowers the riders center of gravity, activates power muscles in the legs for acceleration and climbing, and plants a stable footprint on the ground with uncompromised agility for contingent traffic environments. 

Simcoe started at Curbside, so where is it now?

Simcoe was sold to Cycles Lambert, the second largest bicycle parts wholesaler in North America. They recognized Simcoe as a high integrity way to enter the new city bike market and they’ve managed to build it into something much bigger than we ever could. 

Do you guys still have influence on the brand?

Yep. We have a direct line. 

What ’s the difference between the 3-speed and 7-speed Simcoe bikes?

A city bike generally tends to ride in a dense radius of activity that most 3-speeds can handle. However, if your dense radius of activity includes hills, a 7-speed is advised. Because the Simcoe 7-speed has a wide range of gears it’s perfect for both city cycling and longer recreational rides, including longer city commutes. Note: the 7-speed models are all deluxe models that use lighter and rust-resistant alloy chainguards and fenders.  

Is a Step-thru for Women and a Roadster for Men?

Heck no! It’s the 21 st century and anyone can ride either a Step-thru or a Roadster. The difference between the two is not gender, but position. A Step-thru has a remarkably high head-tube that raises the handlebar, so the back is straight, and the hips pointed forward. A Roadster has a much shorter headtube that positions the rider over the handlebars for more control, and the hips over the cranksets for more power. 

How strong are the wheels and will I get a lot of punctures?

Wheels are always the first part to break on most bikes and these wheels are strong! All the city bikes we sell feature strong double-walled rims that are internally box-sectioned to handle streetcar tracks and potholes. They all feature strong stainless-steel spokes that can never rust. The Deluxe Simcoe 3-speed uses Kevlar-belted Kenda Kwest tires. 

What is an internal gear hub?

In Europe, a bike with an internal gear hub is what makes it a definitive city bike. Because the chain isn’t derailed up and down a set of external cogs (using a derailleur), the chain will never fall off again, and best of all, the chain can be covered so you can wear whatever you want. The gears are sealed inside the rear hub and they hold a tune two times longer than a derailleur, minimizing tune-ups and allowing you to store the bike outside throughout the winter problem-free. 

How do I ensure my new bike won’t get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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