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Curbside Cycle


$8.84 CAD


NEW!!! Need a bike while you're bike is booked in? We understand! Our repair customers can now use any of our rentals (including a Brompton and cargo bikes!) for 50% off! Use Promo Code RENTALRENTAL and we'll have your bike ready when you drop off your bike. 

ONLINE REPAIR BOOKINGS. For 2017 we're happy to launch our online repair booking platform - a long time in the works! We know our customers depend on their bikes as transportation so we've made every effort to minimize shop-time. While most shops keep your bike for 2-3 weeks, you're only without yours for max 48 hours. Need a bike in the meantime? We now offer our rentals to repair customers at half price (see above). 


Here's how it works:

1. This platform is for booking tune-ups only. Small jobs like flat tires or small adjustments are fixed on a first-come-first-serve basis so we ask that you just drop by! We try as hard as possible to get small jobs done same day. 

2. You are booking an assessment not actual repair time. Well both, technically. Once assessed, the bike will be ready with 24-48 hours. Please respect our busy mechanics and try to keep assessment time to 15 minutes. 

3. Wait time may be longer if parts are needed. While we carry most all parts required for a standard tune-up, in the rare occasion that we don't have parts the repair will be delayed while parts are ordered (usually 1-10 days). 

4. Appointments can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 48 hours of scheduled appointment. 

5. Deposit is taken off of final bill. 




DO YOU STILL ACCEPT WALK-IN REPAIRS? Absolutely! The advantage of the appointment system is that you can get your bikes back within 24-48 hours and you don't have to wait in line for an assessment. But, if you aren't in a rush and can't be bothered with online booking, just drop your bike by and we'll get it done the soonest we can. Wait times can vary between one week to two weeks, depending on the season.

WHAT IF I NEED TO BOOK A WARRANTY TUNE? At Curbside we offer a free warranty tune on all new bikes within 120 days of purchase. You can use the appointment system here to book this tune and we will refund the $10 deposit when the bike is picked up. If we don't charge the $10 we get tons of dropped appointments, and that ruins it for everyone!

WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT DURING YOUR APPOINTMENT TIMES? The reason we only book appointments till 4pm weekdays is because we have tons of walk-in repairs from 4-7pm on weekdays (and all day on weekends). If you can't come in during our appointment times but want to get your bike back within 24-48 hours, then book the latest available appointment and leave a note (you can leave a note at checkout) saying that you will be in at least 30 minutes before close. The only caveat is that we won't be able to bump you ahead of any walk-ins that may be ahead of you, but we will be able to guarantee a 24-48 hour turnaround time (if all parts are in stock)

I SEE APPOINTMENTS BUT CAN'T SEEM TO BOOK ONEThat's because that day would is fully booked up. Our software turns appointments a lighter colour when they are taken, but if they are all taken you can't really tell. Just choose another day. Darker options are free to take, lighter options are already taken. 



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