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  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE
  • 4.0 CARGO BIKE



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The Nihola 4.0 takes our best-selling Family model and adds another bench up front with a much bigger box. The 4.0 cargo bike can carry up to 120 kg in the cabin and there is space for 4 children of up to the age of 7-8 years old on the bench. It's a bike with a ton of trunk space!

As an alternative, a carry cot or car seat can be used in the bottom of the cabin and a child or adult can sit on the bench. The bench can easily be removed without tools (if for example you want to fit just a carry cot).

Technical Specifications

  • Total length: 2 meter
  • Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • load: 120 kg + rider
  • Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 104 cm
  • Height from child bench to rain hood: 78 cm
  • Transport box height: 50 cm
  • width in cabin: 62 cm
  • length in cabin: 106 cm
FRAME Galvanized steel w/ powdercoat finish
BOX Lightweight impact-resistant Lexan Plastic
STEM Alloy
GRIPS Rubber
BRAKES Sturmey Drum brakes front, V-brake rear
BRAKE LEVERS Magura w/ parking lock
SHIFTER Shimano Nexus 8
FRONT HUB(S) Sturmey Drum
REAR HUB Shimano Nexus 8
SPOKES Stainless steel
RIMS Alloy, double-walled
TIRES Schwalbe Marathon Plus
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed cartridge
PEDALS Alloy w/ rubber top
KICKSTAND Not required!
RACK None, but easy to install one
FENDERS Lightweight, unbreakable Chromoplastic
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FAMILY 5' 4" 6' 4"

Ride out of the Box is our exclusive shipping service. Our professional mechanics fully assemble and tune the bike, install any accessories that you choose and package it carefully for damage and care-free shipping.

By shipping it through freight-lanes rather than courier-lanes greatly minimizes transfer points and damages. You get a bike that is ready to ride, with full manufacturer’s warranty and delivered right to your front door.

Read more about our exclusive direct-to-door Ride Out Of The Box™ delivery service here.

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How much can the Nihola 4.0 carry?

All Nihola trikes can carry 100kg (220lbs) plus the rider.


Will the bike tip forward when loading?

Nope! There’s a very clever front kickstand that is controlled by a lever right beside the handlebar, so loading is easy!


Will this take up a lot of space on the road?

Not really, most bike lanes are 1.5 – 2 meters wide and the Nihola is only 89cm wide, leaving plenty of room for other transport users to pass.


Can I store it outside?

You sure can! The Nihola is built for perpetual outdoor storage. It’s pretty rare that someone in Denmark would have indoor storage so bikes just get parked in the street. Plus, they salt the roads just like Toronto does in winter. The frames are painted with a highly chip-resistant powder-coat, and beneath the powder-coat lies a thick rust-resistant undercoat. Of course, the gears and front brakes are internally sealed so they will keep operating no matter the weather.


What is the maintenance like?
Very low! Because the Nihola uses internal gears and internal drum brakes the intervals between tune-ups are few and far between. We recommend oil on the chain and air in the tires every three weeks. All Nihola bikes come standard with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires; the most puncture-resistant tires on the market.

How does this compare to other trikes?

Nihola makes the lightest, most stable and best handling cargo bike on the market. While other brands steer the entire box, the Nihola’s front wheels’ steer independently. And, while competing brands add high-performance tilt steering, Nihola questions the practicality and safety of such systems. Finally, by using high-impact Lexan plastic rather than wood, the Nihola is up to 40% lighter competing brands, less maintenance (at some point all wood will rot) and significantly safer.

Can I get a different coloured rainhood?

Sure! The default colour is always black, but if you’re ordering this online just specify the colour you’d prefer in the checkout notes and if we have it in stock we’ll do a swap for free.


Is there an e-assist option?

Nihola does not make a mid-drive e-assist like Urban Arrow or Babboe, but it works perfectly with a Bionx system. We recommend the Bionx 350RX, it has a ton of power and it’s a breeze for us to set-up.  Total cost for the switcheroo is around $2500.


Can I put a car seat inside?

You sure can! The Nihola comes with a cargo X-strap that fixes (most) car seats to the bottom panel. The other option is the Babboe Baby Seat (which works on a Nihola perfectly). It’s good for kids ages 2-8 months (and takes up far less space). As you move from either of these options we recommend the Babboe Toddler seat which usually covers ages 8 to 18 months.


Can I put a childseat on the back?

Yes. It is a very common sight in Denmark to see a family with a lot of children to put the oldest one on the back. We recommend the Yepp Junior, which can take a child up to 80lbs. We do not recommend a front-mounted childseat since the footrests can get in the way of your kids in the box (it also catches the rainhood).


Whats the rear wheel lock good for?

The rear-wheel lock is a clever design built for short in-and-out errands where finding a locking-pole may take longer than the errand. The rear-wheel lock lets you momentarily lock the bike to itself. It’s great if you need to quickly dash in and out to grab a coffee or at the park having a picnic. 


This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.


What’s the warranty?

Two-year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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