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The staff at Curbside all ride different bicycles. They find comfort in different saddles. Some tour, others race, and many choose to simply commute. But, at the end of the day, there's one thing they can always agree on: the necessity of a durable tire. The crafty German experts over at Schwalbe produce exactly that. They pair a strong nylon weave with thick Kevlar lining, the synthetic material used in bullet-proof vests, for maximum puncture resistance.

For serious traction through the winter months, we present the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Spikes. Featuring the same puncture protection as the standard Schwalbe Marathon but using an additional 240 Tungsten Carbide & Galvanized Steel spikes for superior icy grip!

  • Free Tube with the purchase of any two tires
  • 67 TPI Casing prevents objects penetrating the carcass (Threads Per Inch)
  • Race Guard: Double layer of Kevlar reinforced nylon lining prevents punctures
  • Spikes have a core of extremely hard wearing tungsten carbide and a fully galvanized steel base
  • Good for a few thousand kilometres
  • Rated 85-145psi
  • Maximum load of up to 100KG (size dependant)
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Schwalbe Company History: Schwalbe found its start in 1973 when founder Ralf Bohle started importing Korean bicycle tires to Germany. Using "Swallow" brand tires, Bohle opted to use the German translation of the original brand - "Schwalbe". Since founding, Schwalbe has built a reputation internationally for quality and durability, offering some of the best puncture-resistant tires on the market.

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