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Perfect for city bikes and urban riders, the Shimano Roller Brake is a revolutionary development to the traditional drum brake. The IM80 offers all the advantages of a drum brake, such as it's ultra low-maintenance design and long-lasting power, but in typical fashion Shimano has engineered some great improvements. 

Enjoy the performance of a drum brake in a smaller size (without any loss of power!). Besides the fact that you don't need some massive clunker of a brake, the IM80 externally mounts to your hub, meaning it can be replaced independently! Most drum brake replacements require a full hub, or even entire wheel replacement. A worthy upgrade for any rider using a Shimano internal gear hub!

  • Large heat dissipation fins
  • Compatible with Shimano Nexus internal gear hubs or Nexave cassette hubs
  • Mounts independent of the hub for easy replacement
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting!
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Shimano Company Profile: "Shimano" is practically synonymous with "bicycle". if you've ever stepped on a bike before, it's almost certain you've used Shimano parts. Since their humble beginnings in 1921 Japan, Shimano have grown to become the largest component manufacturer in the world, producing components for virtually every part of the bicycle and for every level of rider.

Trusted by pros, mechanics - whoever really - and used by, well, everyone, Shimano is reliability redefined. Whether you're using their sturdy chains or state-of-the-art Tour de France ready road groupsets, you can count on Shimano to get you where you're going.

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