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For most riders, Ergon grips just feel right. Like a firm handshake, or shifting gears in a manual car, it's a sensation that you won't want to quickly let go. And luckily, you won't have to. These GC1 grips from Ergon are better for the circulation in your hands than just about anything else out there, and use a top secret German-made rubber compound paired with forged aluminium clamps to ensure maximum durability over extended use.

Developed specifically for the ergonomic demands of users of bicycles with backwards-swept handlebars, such as those found on city bikes. Using tradition grips on these bikes causes a kink in the wrist. The GC1 corrects this wrist position through its anatomic and ergonomically correct form. Any aches and tension can therefore be reduced.

  • Developed specifically for swept back handlebars
  • Made from German developed, certified toxin free and UV stable rubber compounds
  • Specially positioned textures and different compound hardness ensure maximum comfort, and a secure grip
  • Aluminum clamp ensures secure grip that wont move from desired position
  • Universal hand size
  • Long/Long only


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