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  • Haliburton County Coffee - Columbian Las Palmas
  • County Coffee - Costa Rican Tarrazu Medium Roast
  • County Coffee -Mexican Chiapas Medium Dark Roast
  • Haliburton County Coffee - Peruvian Decaf
  • County Coffee -Guatemalan Santa Rosa Light Roast
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We currently have more than 5 in stock.

Haliburton County Coffee has been the fuel that has kept Curbside and its staff going for the past year and we are very proud to now offer it for sale.

Roasted fresh every week in the Food Hub at Abbey Gardens, a non-for-profit community garden in Haliburton. Roasters David Buwalda and David Patterson concentrate sourcing ethically-traded single origin green beans which highlight the best characteristics of different regions.

Every coffee growing region is very different and so are the conditions in which Coffee producers labour. County Coffee have specially selected their beans according to ethical trade, health, and environmental certifications.


  • Columbian Las Palmas - Dark Roast - Rainforest Alliance Certified - Direct Trade Smooth, rich body, dark cocoa finish - This is the darkest roast currently available. It is pleasant with milk or cream but they recommend it served black.

    They source their Colombian beans directly from a farm in the Hulia region from Chalo's Colombia where 100% of revenue goes towards farmers' education and community building

  • Costa Rican Tarrazu - Medium Roast - Rainforest Alliance Certified Bright, Round Body, Milk Chocolate Notes These Costa Rican beans really exemplify the difference freshly roasted, freshly ground coffeee makes. It is Rain Forest Alliance certified which means that the farmers sustiainability are as important as the farms sustainability. They have found, quite by happy circumstance, that their Medium roasted Costa Rican beans make an excellent Single Origin Espresso: Round Body, fine aroma, and a bright bright taste.

  • Guatemalan Santa Rosa - Light Roast - Rainforest Alliance Certified - This Light "Blonde" Roast is great to savour early in the morning - Their friends and family in Haliburton express a preference for dark roasted coffee, but for the few who like their coffee ​​to remind them that coffee is a berry not a bean County Coffee imported some of Guatemala's fruity best. Roasted blonde, the Santa Rosa beans have strong tangerine and blackberry flavour and a slight chocolate finish. ​They are Rain Forest Alliance certified, meaning they are grown in partial shade that prolongs the growing season and enhances the coffee's regional character

  • Mexican Chiapas - Medium/Dark Roast - Fair Trade and Organic - Medium-light body, low acidity, good flavor, sweet with a touch of nuttiness - Mexico's Chiapas coffee growers were some of the first worldwide to collectivize and earn Fair Trade certification. After years of sustainable, organic growing and processing, the Chiapeneco beans became known as a deluxe coffee around the world for their vibrant flavour. We roast these beans to a medium darkness that balances their sweetness with their nuttiness which makes it ideal if you take it black or white. ​ 

  • Peruvian Decaf - Medium Dark Roast - Fair Trade and Organic - Swiss Water Processed - Medium-body, chocolate notes, nutty, balanced - This darkly roasted Peruvian bean comes from Peru's mid-elevation region, near where Paddington Bear grew up. Decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process, the beans retain the full flavour and characteristic of Peruvian coffees in general, i.e. chocolate with lots of nuts. Certified Fair Trade and Organic, it is a versatile coffee that works well in a latte or brewed on its own. ​


County Coffee feature organic, Fair Trade, and Rain Forest Alliance coffees. Their decaffeinated is done without chemicals using the Swiss Water Process. Coffee is a big business and they are seeking to find the means to bring beans to Ontario at a fair price for producers and consumers without sacrificing the unique quality of the beans brought in. 

Fairly traded coffee tends to taste better and not just for ethical reasons. Sustainable farming practices usually protect the soil and the water table so as to bring out the best in the beans. County Coffee appreciate that and work to share the best beans with you.

Please Note: This coffee is only available for purchase in Canada


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