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  • Brooks C15 Carved rubber and cotton saddle in slate
  • Brooks C15 Carved rubber and cotton saddle in black
  • Brooks C15 Carved rubber and cotton saddle in black
  • Brooks C15 Carved rubber and cotton saddle in slate



$229.99 CAD


The Brooks C15 Cambium saddle offers legendary Brooks comfort on its very first ride. Crafted from a natural rubber compound, and coated with a weather resistant natural cotton upper, it's form fitting properties are ideal for gravel, road, cyclocross and mountain bikes. Sitting in between the C13 and C17 in terms of width and available with a carved centre for increased airflow and flexibility, riding on this saddle is a breeze.

Over the course of its entire 150 year history, Brooks has built a reputation not only on incredible quality products, but on the constant drive to innovate and experiment. The Cambium represents the newest, and arguably most interesting development in bicycle saddles since 1866. The vulcanised natural rubber offers a natural feel and flexibility unlike any foam or gel saddles on the market and with its organic cotton top offers extraordinary comfort by allowing the entire surface of the Cambium to move and flow naturally with the movement of the rider for better pedalling and control.

Furthermore, a distinct dampening effect is delivered by the classic Brooks "hammock" construction, reducing road vibrations and keeping the rider comfortably in the saddle. This combination multiplies the performance advantage over long distance, producing unparalleled comfort
after kilometre 60, 100, 160, and beyond.


Female riding a road bike with an aggressive 45 degree riding position
  • Natural vulcanised rubber top provides superior comfort from the start
  • Natural cotton top provides grip and comfort
  • Waterproofed with Numac
  • Die cast aluminum frame with tubular steel rails
  • Silver aluminum rivets
  • Market leading natural comfort ideal for road, mountain and gravel bikes
  • Length: 283mm, Width: 145mm, Height: 52mm, Weight: 405g








Brooks Company History: Brooks England was founded in 1866 by John Boultbee Brooks, originally to manufacture leather harnesses and tackle for horses. Legend has it that the death of Mr. Brooks’ horse prompted him to seek alternative transportation, trying out the recent two-wheeled invention, the bicycle. He fell in love but found the wooden saddle excruciating. He vowed to make it more comfortable and so the Brooks leather saddle was born.

Today Brooks manufacture a wide range of bicycle accessories from backpacks, bicycle panniers and saddle bags to helmets, poncho’s and wallets and to this day all Brooks Leather Saddles are still hand made by skilled craftspeople using traditional methods in Birmingham, England and the fundamental design of the saddles is unchanged. While the new Cambium range, helmets and bags are all made in Italy.  


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