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  • Brompton Explore Edition H6E Folding Bicycle - Front Angle
  • Brompton Explore Edition Folding Bike - Folded Behind Special Edition Bags
  • Brompton Explore Edition Folding Bicycle with Custom Brompton Bags
  • Brompton Explore Edition Folding Bike - Front Wheel
  • Brompton Explore Special Edition Folding Bike - Handlebar
  • Brooks C17 Cambium Saddle with Camo Green Brompton Saddle Pouch
  • Special Edition Brompton Saddle Pouch in Camouflage Green
  • Brompton Explore Edition Spares and Accessories Kit
  • Brompton Explore Edition Custom Explore Finish in Green and Orange



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Every Brompton gives extraordinary freedom to it owner. A magic carpet that can take the rider anywhere and is the perfect partner to any city. But why stop there? A Brompton is just at home off-piste, whether that's taking a different route home, setting out for a weekend trip, cycle touring or bike packing with no destination in site.

Enter the Brompton Explore Edition Package, this H6E special edition has been specially curated for those longer journeys off the beaten path. The H-Type handlebar is perfect for extended time in the saddle and is both efficient and comfortable. The Six-Speed gearing is supplied with a reduced 44T chainring which aids climbing and helps with heavy luggage and no mudguards reduces weight and eliminates the risk of drag on gravel roads.

Elsewhere on the bike we have a custom Brooks C17 All Weather saddle in special Giallo finish coupled with Gum rubber grips, perfect for a day in the saddle. Schwalbe Tan Wall Marathon Racer tires with Kevlar folding beads are a great all-round lightweight solution. All Black components and custom machined hinge-clamps finish off the bike.

You can't go bike packing without bags though and Brompton have thought of this. The bike is supplied with a custom camouflage green 30L Roll-Top front bag to carry everything you could possibly need, a saddle or handlebar mounted pouch for essentials and a complete spares kit including spares tubes, a tire, brake pads, cables, spokes and a rim tape. A pump and a Brompton toolkit get you out of any sticky situation you may get into and finally an Explore Book curated by micro-adventurer Alastair Humphreys will give you some inspiration to go further afield.

  • Exclusive Explore Edition - Designed for the path less traveled
  • Featuring a Forest Green main frame with an Orange highlight front frame, bespoke graphics and all key components in Black
  • H-Type Handlebar - Perfect for extended time in the saddle and is both efficient and comfortable
  • 6 Speed reduced gearing (29-88 Gear Inches) - Never get stuck without the right gear - This can be changed to +12% or +20% at no extra charge
  • Brooks C17 All Weather saddle in Giallo Green coupled with Gum rubber grips - All day comfort
  • Schwalbe Marathon Racer folding tires in Tanwall - Lightweight all-round tire
  • Premium machined hinge clamp levers - sturdy and easier to use  


  • 30L Roll Top Bag (new for 2020) in custom Camouflage Green - Includes a large suspended laptop sleeve, Fidlock closures and a multi purpose front strap for securing items - Ideal for multi day rides
  • Pouch (new for 2020 in custom Camouflage Green - Designed to fit under the seat, on the handlebar or inside front luggage - includes a magnet to avoid bouncing on rough trails - Perfect for essential tools, keys and money
  • Brompton Toolkit - Keep your bike running smoothly with this awesome multitool which hides away inside the frame when not in use.
  • Pump - Keep those tires inflated!
  • Complete spares kit - Includes 2 spares inner tubes, 4 spokes (2 front and 2 rear), 1 chain power link, 2 pairs of brake pads, rim tape, 1 brake cable, 1 gear cable and 1 folding Marathon Racer Folding Tanwall tire
  • Explore Book - Created with micro-adventurer Alistair Humphreys, This book shows what is possible on a Brompton Explore and includes City Escape guides
FRAME Brompton Cro-mo steel, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England - Matte Forest Green Rear, Explore Orange front
FORK, SWINGARM Brompton Cro-mo steel, full ED coated, Hand-brazed in England - Matte Forest Green
HEADSET Brompton Steel - Black
STEM Brompton H - Matte Forest Green
HANDLEBAR Brompton H Bar (High Riding Position) - Black
GRIPS Brompton Gum - Super Tacky
SEATPOST Brompton - Black - Choose from Standard, Extended or Telescopic
SEAT Brooks C17 Cambium All Weather - Giallo Green
BRAKES Brompton Dual Pivot - Black
BRAKE LEVERS Brompton with Integrated Bell and Shifters - Black
SHIFTERS Brompton Integrated Gear Trigger (L+R) - Black
R. DERAILLEUR Brompton Chain Tensioner w/2sp derailleur
FRONT HUB Brompton Alloy - 28h - Black
REAR HUB Brompton/Sturmey Archer BWR 3sp Hub - Black
SPOKES Stainless Steel Straight Gauge - Black
RIMS Brompton Alloy, Double Walled - Black with Machined Braking Surface
TIRES Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tires - Kevlar Folding Bead - Tanwall
BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge 119mm JIS
CRANKS Brompton 5-bolt - 44T - Black (Can be changed to +12% or +20% free of charge)
COG-SET Brompton 13/16T
PEDALS Brompton (left hand folds) - Black
RACK Optional
FENDERS Optional
SUSPENSION Rubber Elastomer - Firm
WEIGHT 25.38 Lbs
TRANSPORT Front Carrier Block (FCB)

Brompton 30L Roll Top Bag (MY20) - Custom Camouflage Green

New Pouch (MY20) - Custom Camouflage Green

SPARES KIT 2 Spares Inner Tubes, 4 Spokes (2 front and 2 rear), 1 Chain Power Link, 2 pairs of Brake Pads, Rim Tape, 1 Brake Cable, 1 Gear Cable and 1 Folding Marathon Racer Folding Tanwall Tire

Brompton/Zefal Pump Included

Brompton Toolkit

Explore Micro-Adventure Book

Standard Seatpost 5' 2" 5'11"
Extended and Telescopic Seatpost 5' 10" 6' 4"
Brompton Bicycles - Curbside Cycle

A BIT ABOUT BROMPTON: If you were to walk into the store and look at a Brompton we would say there are three things you should look for in a folding bike. All of them are fairly obvious. One, the bike should ride well - and, on a small wheeled bike that's tricky because there's a fine line between maneuverability (which is a virtue) and twitchiness (which is a vice). Two, the bike should fold well - otherwise you're blood pressure will rise and you'll curse the day you bought it. Third, it should be transportable, or highly storable - because that's the whole point, right?

Brompton is the only company we've seen that answers all three criteria - and believe us, we've tried every brand out there. The reason others can't compete is because Brompton has answered a fundamental engineering problem. If a bike is going to unfold to a large footprint (which takes the twitch out) then it is unfolding to a bigger bike - and by all logic, a bigger bike unfolded would be a bigger bike folded. So, it's pretty much true that for most folding bikes they either have great rideabilty but poor transportability or vice versa. And nearly all of them are a mess to fold.

Not Brompton. Brompton has designed the Platonic form of all folding bikes. The bike folds to the smallest size on the market, unfolds in a highly precise and easy manner, and has the same axle-to-axle footprint as a hybrid bike. How did they do this? By not only designing a clever frame, but also designing some 1200 proprietary parts that make everything fit - and fit perfectly. Oh, and nearly all of this is made in England. No wonder this bike has a cult following.

Are these bikes really made in London, UK?

Yep, we’ve been to the factory many times and it never ceases to amaze us to see the frames, the paintwork, most of the parts, and the tooling all made in the same factory.

How does Brompton compare to other folding bikes on the market?

Nothing compares. A folding bike is judged by rideability, foldability, and transportability, and Brompton wins on all three (few companies accomplish even one). A Brompton unfolds to a longer footprint (or wheelbase) than a regular bike (making for an exceptionally stable ride), it folds with ease, and folds smaller than every other bike on the market. Most other companies work with a compromise: something that folds ‘small enough’ (but never is), and unfolds ‘big enough’ (but rides scary and skittish).

Why do your Brompton’s not have rear-racks?

Brompton is an engineering company, so if they can think of a better way to carry stuff then they will. All of our Bromptons have a front carrier block so you can click a Brompton bag onto it. This bag does not steer with the handlebar (so the performance doesn’t change), and when the bike is in folded or “towing” mode the bag can stay on the bike (unlike the rack). We recommend a rack if you’re going on a long trip and need extra space for more luggage (like the airline-ready B-Bag).

Why six speeds and not three, two, or one?

Good question! After a decade of selling Bromptons we saw two customers: one who bought a Brompton to ride from home to work and wanted to keep it simple, and others who planned epic vacations and needed gears to match. Those in the latter category who later decided to take their bike on a trip discovered the gears were limited. The cost of changing over a Brompton to a six speed later is prohibitively high so we tend to future-proof all of our models with the ultra-wide-range six speed system.

Why does Brompton use a six speed hub and not a Shimano Nexus 8 hub?

Weight. When folded, a Brompton should be easy to carry, so it needs to be lightweight. Internal gears generally weigh 1lb per gear, so adding 8-speeds makes the bike too heavy. Brompton reinvented the wheel (so to speak) and designed a new wide-range 3-speed hub that has the same range as an 8-speed hub but weighs only 3lbs. A lightweight (0.4 lbs) 2-speed derailleur adds “filler gears” between the wide jumps in the 3-speed hub..

Why is a Brompton made of steel?

Unlike a regular bicycle, a folding bike has numerous points of hinges that need to be strong. Steel is 30% stronger than aluminum, and aluminum loses a lot of strength and warps when welded. Brompton is so concerned about frame alignment and strength that they use brass for the weld, not steel. Brass is stickier and melts at a lower temperature, making a stronger frame and perfect alignment.

I have long legs, how can I make this bike fit?
Brompton offers two options. One is the extended seatpost which we can switch at no charge. The other is a telescopic post that, unlike the extended post, does not stick out as much when the bike is folded (especially important if you’re putting the bike in a travel case).

If I fly with my Brompton will it get damaged?

Nope. The most sensitive parts on a bike is always the drivetrain, and unlike a Dahon, when a Brompton folds the drivetrain parts are on the inside of the fold and are safe. If you like to travel light and aren’t worried about a scratch or two we recommend the Brompton B-Bag (it rolls up and goes on the optional rear rack). If you don’t like scratches, then we recommend the B&W hard cases.

Can I buy a transport case that is also transportable?

Yes, besides the B-Bag - which you can transport on the bike by rolling it up - there is also the B&W Foldon Box, which collapses into a small octagonal box that you can bungee to the optional rear rack.

Does a Brompton break apart when I lift it up?
Unlike every other folding bike on the market, a Brompton is mechanically locked together once the seatpost goes down, so when you lift it up it cannot break apart. Most other folding bikes are held together by magnets that are never strong enough to keep the bike together. That means you end up bear-hugging the bike whenever you need to carry it.

Does it have a kickstand?

A Brompton is a kickstand! There is actually a “kickstand position” that is part of the fold. You simply swing the swingarm (the rear part of the frame) up-and-under and viola, your bike is sitting on its own, hands-free.

What is this “towing position”? Is it is novelty?

Heck no! When a bike is folded it must be transportable. At minimum this means it should be light and that the fold doesn’t break apart when lifted. At maximum it means you can tow it, much like a suitcase. When you fold a Brompton to towing position you simply push or pull the handlebars and roll the bike on its auxiliary wheels. Even better, click a front bag on the Brompton and it becomes a shopping cart!

Are small wheels fast?

Yep. In fact, the land speed record for a bicycle was set on a bike with 17” wheels, only one inch larger than Brompton. It’s well-known that a larger wheel’s tire-casing flex, bigger contact patch, and aerodynamic spoke drag reduces any advantage that might be there on paper. One natural advantage of a small wheel is its punchy acceleration and high agility. It’s great for the city, and long adventures too!

What’s the warranty?

Five year warranty for manufacturers defects on frame and fork, two years on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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