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  • Brompton Front Mudguard Blade & Flap in Silver
  • Brompton Front Mudguard Blade & Flap in Black
  • Brompton Front Mudguard Blade & Flap in White



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Genuine Brompton Front Mudguard Blade & Mud Flap. Rainy Days and Sundays Always Get You Down? Then you'll be needing one of these, essential for keeping dry on those wet roads and rainy days.

A broken front mudguard is normally a sign of incorrect folding so if it cracked at the bottom by the mudguard stay double check your folding technique.

Constructed from Chromoplastic which is made by sandwiching Aluminum strips inside a plastic housing resulting in a stiff and sturdy mudguard that will keep you dry and won't break. Available in Black, Silver or White so you can customize your bike and supplied with a new mud flap made from tear proof lightweight truck tarp to keep your feet dry.

  • Genuine Brompton replacement part
  • Front Mudguard Blade & Flap
  • Full length fender keeps you dry and your bike clean
  • Supplied with the front mudflap made from lightweight tear proof truck tarp
  • Flexible Chromoplastic construction
  • Available in Black, Silver or White
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A BIT ABOUT BROMPTON: If you were to walk into the store and look at a Brompton we would say there are three things you should look for in a folding bike. All of them are fairly obvious. One, the bike should ride well - and, on a small wheeled bike that's tricky because there's a fine line between maneuverability (which is a virtue) and twitchiness (which is a vice). Two, the bike should fold well - otherwise you're blood pressure will rise and you'll curse the day you bought it. Third, it should be transportable, or highly storable - because that's the whole point, right?

Brompton is the only company we've seen that answers all three criteria - and believe us, we've tried every brand out there. The reason others can't compete is because Brompton has answered a fundamental engineering problem. If a bike is going to unfold to a large footprint (which takes the twitch out) then it is unfolding to a bigger bike - and by all logic, a bigger bike unfolded would be a bigger bike folded. So, it's pretty much true that for most folding bikes they either have great rideabilty but poor transportability or vice versa. And nearly all of them are a mess to fold.

Not Brompton. Brompton has designed the Platonic form of all folding bikes. The bike folds to the smallest size on the market, unfolds in a highly precise and easy manner, and has the same axle-to-axle footprint as a hybrid bike. How did they do this? By not only designing a clever frame, but also designing some 1200 proprietary parts that make everything fit - and fit perfectly. Oh, and nearly all of this is made in England. No wonder this bike has a cult following.

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