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ERGON GP1 GRIPS: For most riders the only thing missing from a Brompton is ergonomic Grips. They just feel right. Like a firm handshake, or shifting gears in a manual car, it's a sensation that you won't want to quickly let go of. And luckily with the Ergon GP1, you won't have to. These grips are better for the circulation in your hands than just about anything else out there, and use a top secret German-made rubber compound paired with forged aluminium clamps to ensure maximum durability over extended use.

  • Made from German developed, certified toxin free and UV stable rubber compounds
  • Specially positioned textures and different compound hardness ensure maximum comfort, and a secure grip
  • Aluminum clamp ensures secure grip that wont move from desired position
  • Avaialable in Small and Large hand sizes - Please state which you would prefer


BROMPTON TOOLKIT: The mythical and award winning Brompton Toolkit fits right into your frame and has all the tools you need for basic repairs and maintenance of your Brompton bicycle. "A tool inside the bike? Wouldn't that rattle around?" you might ask. Not the Brompton Tool. The simple and ingenious design uses magnets and rubber dampers to silence even the smallest rattle. 

  • 15 mm socket wrench for axle nuts
  • Ratchet handle for hex tools (reversible)
  • Phillips and flat head screw drivers
  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm Allen wrenches
  • Two 8mm wrenches, one 10 mm wrench 
  • 2 Metal Ergonomic Tire Levers
  • 1 Set Of Glueless Patches and Sandpaper


BROMPTON BIKE COVER WITH SADDLE BAG: While there are a lot of places you can take your Brompton without anyone noticing or caring, there are a lot of times where being denied entry is just a real pain! Avoid getting turned away from a busy commuter train, nice restaurant, a bank or just walking the bike past the concierge without any side glances.

  • It's cheap, small, and worth every penny
  • Supplied with a saddle pouch so it s always to hand
  • Covers the bike in seconds
  • Keeps you clean if the bike is dirty
  • Weight 270g


49N SPARE TUBE: Punctures happen no matter how much we cross our fingers. Even with the fantastic Schwalbe Marathon Tires (although very rarely) This high quality inner tube from our friends at 49N will Have you covered.

  • 16x1.35 Size Especially For The Brompton
  • Highest Quality Butyl Rubber
  • Consistent Butyl Content Ensures Long Term Air Retention
  • Reinforced Valve Stems

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