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  • Babboe Seat Cushion For City & Curve in Red
  • Seat Cushion For Babboe City & Curve in Silver
  • Babboe Seat Cushion For City & Curve in Stars
  • Seat Cushion For Babboe City & Curve in Red
  • Babboe Seat Cushion For City & Curve in Silver
  • Seat Cushion For Babboe City & Curve in Stars



$119.99 CAD



The Babboe Seat Cushion is designed specifically to fit the Babboe City and Curve bikes giving your kids some much needed padding from the bumps and jolts from the road surface. The cushion comes with a bench pad and a back pad for a single bench so they’ll will be comfy and cosy in the Babboe box. With a wonderful selection of colour options, you can make your Babboe your own luxurious transport.

  • Made from waterproof vinyl so some in-climate weather won’t be a problem
  • Mounts securely to the bench using a dual velcro strapping system
  • Does not interfere with the seat belts
  • One cushion used per bench
  • Compatible with the Babboe City, Babboe E-City, Babboe Curve and the Babboe E-Curve
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BABBOE COMPANY PROFILE: Babboe is Europe's largest cargo bike manufacturer and you only have to spend five minutes in Holland to see five or six ride by. No one understands quality like the Dutch, or for that matter, thrift. In Holland, spending money is an act of saving money. Things are made to last, and while they may cost a bit more, they also don't cost a fortune. So, while more expensive brands exist with more bells and whistles, Babboe provides a high quality, low maintenance, rust resistant platform that features marine-grade impact-resistant boxes and Yamaha e-assist motors (which are the very best).

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