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Ride Out of the Box™


We launched Ride Out Of The Box™ because we know how difficult it can be to find a good city, cargo or folding bike at your local bike shop.  Most bike shops have a male-dominated focus that seems to prioritize performance and adrenaline over practicality and joyful adventures. Not us. At Curbside we have 25 years experience growing the city bike market in one of the largest and most successful bicycle cultures in North America. We've travelled extensively looking for the best products, and we test these products in a dense, potholed city that gets all four seasons at their most extreme. Ride Out Of The Box™ delivers our experienced product curation and professional mechanical service to all points in North America. Your bike arrives damage-free, tool-free and 100% ready-to-ride. Just cut open the cardboard and ride out of the box!

 * * * 

My experience with Curbside Cycle was great!  The Bromptons arrived ahead of schedule and they were truly ready to ride upon opening the box—not even so much as a single scratch to either bike! -Merv, Saskatoon SK

* * *

I bought an Achielle Craighton from Curbside and it was a great experience. They shipped to me in their “Ride Out of the Box” and it arrived in perfect shape and was ready to ride without any effort on my part--saving a trip to the local bike shop and the added expense of having someone prepare it for riding. Crazy beautiful. From Belgium to Canada to me--no assembly necessary. - Derek, Detroit MI

* * *

We just received our big box. It's almost as big as the car we sold! - Stephen, Edmonton AB (bought a Butchers & Bicycles)





Ride Out Of The Box™ is about delivering a fully assembled and tuned bike right to your front door, ready to ride. 

We take packaging as seriously as we take professional assembly. First, we don't use the courier system. Courier companies use large automated conveyers, all of which have steep 45 degree angles that destroy large packages like bikes. Instead, we use the freight and railroad system, the same companies that IKEA would use to deliver your couch. This minimizes the number of times the bike is handled, and that means your bike arrives damage-free and tool-free. Ready to ride!



Ride Out of the Box™ ensures perfect delivery. Unlike other companies, we don't let the cardboard box hold up the bike - the bike should stand on its own, the box is only there to shield it. If the box is holding up the bike, then the minute the box is damaged the bike is damaged too - and boxes always get damaged. 

Instead, our box uses a clever combination (our invention!) of wood and high-tension strapping that keeps the bike standing up without any need of the cardboard box. This lets us build a ton of protective space between the bike and box. Should the box be damaged in shipping your bike will be perfectly ready to ride. That's worth i!



We've shipped hundreds of cargo bikes and city bikes all over North America, from places as far as Hay River, NWT to San Diego, Vancouver, Orlando and all points in between. If you're interested in our Ride Out of the Box™ or in any of the products we ship, send our manager Eric an email. He's the gentleman who first brought European city bikes and cargo bikes to North America, started our distribution company, and also happened to be a co-founder of Simcoe bikes. Ride Out of the Box™ is his latest idea: a way of getting good bikes in good peoples hands. He'd be glad to help!

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