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We launched Ride Out Of The Box™ because we know how difficult it can be to find a good city, cargo or folding bike at your local bike shop. Most bike shops seem to prioritize performance and adrenaline over style, practicality and fun. If you're looking for a comfortable and fashionable city bike, a handy folding bike, or a cargo bike for your family, we've made it our mission to get you the highest quality bike, delivered to your door. Your bike is professionally tuned by an experienced mechanic, strapped to a custom-built pallet and secured within a custom-made box. Your bike arrives damage-free, tool-free and 100% ready-to-ride.


Cargo bikes are strapped to a custom-built pallet, and shipped in a custom-built cardboard box. We've shipped hundred of cargo bikes across North America damage-free!


For city bikes we strap city bikes to a custom-built pallet so that it stands upright on its own. This ensures that the box has lots of room to shield the bike all the perils of ground shipping.


We are Canada's largest Brompton retailer and no one has shipped more Bromptons than Curbside! Unbox. Unfold. Ride!


Unlike many online bicycle retailers, we're a brick-and-mortar store that imports, sells and repairs bikes. This on-the-ground experience means we select our products very, very carefully.

Unlike many of the retailers you see online, it is this professionalism and experience that makes Curbside stand out. Our experience is that many online bike retailers are savvy start-ups with very little mechanical, retail or shipping experience. They might be able to deliver you a bike, but that's no promise that the bike is any good. For us, a badly designed product that arrives damaged in a badly designed box is the kind of thing that keeps us up at night!

At Curbside, we pride ourselves on our experience, our eye for quality, our professional mechanics and our ability to deliver. That's why we launched Ride Out Of The Box™, it packages a great bike, our mechanics wizardry, and our shipping expertise all in one box.

We take packaging seriously. Unlike many of our competitors - who ship bikes in standard-issue bike boxes - our bikes are put into custom boxes that provide a safe shield against any damages. In a standard-issue bike box, the bike rests flush against the cardboard. That means any damage to the cardboard will mean direct damage to the bike. With our box, there is generous space between the cardboard shield and the bike it protects. Should the box be damaged the bike will be perfectly OK.

Finally, unlike many of our competitors, we don't use the courier system. Courier companies use large automated conveyers, some of which have steep 45 degree angles that are fine for small packages but catastrophic for bikes. We use freight trucks, the same companies IKEA use to deliver your couch. This minimizes the number of times the bike is handled and ensures perfect, damage-free delivery.

Quality bikes. Quality assembly. And, quality delivery. That's what it means to ride out of the box!


From remote places in Labrador to Los Angeles, we've shipped hundreds of cargo bikes, folding bikes, and city bikes all over North America to very happy customers.

Have a question about where we deliver? Please email online@curbsidecycle.com

Or, just give us a shout at

1-866-920-4933 (toll free)


Today's bikes have become remarkably technical, and it takes an experienced mechanic to tune things up. Initial set up is critical to the lifetime value of your bike. This is our head mechanic Eli, one of the most experienced mechanics in North America.


Your bike is packed in our fourth floor warehouse in a custom box and then dropped via a crane (yes our store has a crane!) down to our glamorous back alley where we load it onto a truck.


Your bike is taken to a depot where it is either boarded on a long-haul delivery truck, or even cooler, a train. Once it arrives at your local depot you'll get a call arranging for a drop-off. Then, one fine day a truck like this will arrive with a pretty darn big box. This Devinci e-bike, for instance, travelled all the way to Victoria. That's 4500km! And yes, that is one of our employees Dad!


Here's an inside peek at what makes Ride Out Of The Box special. Inside is a great bike tuned by a great mechanic, but it's also inside a great box! This box forms a large cardboard shield that is a defence against all the perils of continental shipping.


Here's the easy part. Grab a pair of scissors or a knife and cut the tension straps that keep the bike secured and upright. Make sure to recycle the cardboard, or, even better, make a cardboard fort!


Your bike has travelled many miles, and now it's ready to ride! Whether it's a cargo bike, folding bike, or city bike, we've made it our mission to get your butt on an amazing machine.

Bon voyage!


"My experience with Curbside Cycle was great! The Bromptons arrived ahead of schedule and they were truly ready to ride upon opening the box—not even so much as a single scratch to either bike!"





2 APR 2017, 12:21

"I bought an Achielle Craighton from Curbside and it was a great experience. They shipped to me in their “Ride Out of the Box” and it arrived in perfect shape and was ready to ride without any effort on my part--saving a trip to the local bike shop and the added expense of having someone prepare it for riding. Crazy beautiful. From Belgium to Canada to me - no assembly necessary"


15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"We just received our big box. It's almost as big as the car we sold!"






15 SEP 2017, 14:42

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