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Giving your bike a tune-up annually is like seeing the dentist every year, you gotta do it. Riding over bumpy streets causes things to go loose, whether that's spokes in the wheel (scary!) or things you can't immediately see or feel, like the ball-bearings that keep everything spinning soundly (important!).

When we do a tune-up we ensure that your brakes are back to nice-and-tight, your gears aren't tick-ticking anymore, your ball-bearings are snugged back up, and your wheels are tensioned and true. Then, we throw a splash of lube where needed, pump up the tires, and give the bike a good wipe-down. An annual tune-up costs $80 (plus parts). 

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FLAT TIRE: $25 (including tube, labour & tax)

Flat tires suck! Toronto seems to be covered in a thin layer of glass, staples, and all sorts of sharp stuff. We can get a new tube back in your tire in a jiffy, but we strong recommend buying Schwalbe Marathon tires because they have thick puncture-resistant belt that keeps the bad guys out. We even offer our own flat-warranty, so if you do get a flat within three months, we'll take care of the labour (it's rare). Please note that if you have a Dutch-style bike there is an added fee for flat tires. 




OK! Just drop by! Our rate for quick adjustments, whether that's a brake adjustment, gear adjustment or ball-bearing adjustment is pretty reasonable. 



For the same reason you can't walk into a restaurant and ask to use their plates or spatula, we don't lend tools. We are liable for all repairs you perform on your bike with our tools and at the end of the day, it's just not respectful to our mechanics who always need their tools ready-to-hand.

If you need your seat adjusted one of our friendly sales staff will help you out. And, if you need air, we provide free compressed air in the back alley everyday, 24/7 (except on really cold days when the hose freezes, on those days just drop inside - it's warmer).


We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our friendly approach, our detailed diagnostics and our (very) experienced mechanics.

Here's what to expect when you walk into Curbside.


PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSTICS.  Unlike many bike stores, we take diagnostics as seriously as we take our repairs. No one likes surprise charges when they pick up their bike, so we thoroughly inspect the bike and build an estimate beforehand. No matter what your bike, this service is always free. Once done, all you have to do is say yes and we book your bike in for some TLC.  
RAPID TURNAROUND. We're a store for city cyclists, so we understand the importance of quick turnaround time. Our online booking system lets you book an assessment with our mechanic so that you're only without your bike for 24-28 hours. That beats the 2-4 week lead-time many other shops have. Please note this online asssessment is for tune-ups or major jobs only. We ask that you keep your appointment time to no more than 15 minutes. 
MAJOR JOBS. So, what's a minor job and what's a major job? Good question! A minor job is quick adjustments and installs, like a shifter cable, brake pads, or a new inner tube. A major job is your annual tune-up (don't forget!) or anything that involves major surgery or wheel straightening. These you can book here. Our mechanics work daily on a wide array of bikes and technologies, from cargo bikes to racing bikes, internal gears to derailleurs, drum brakes to disc brakes and old bikes to new bikes. If its broke we can fix it!

MINOR JOBS. For minor jobs (flat tires, etc) we try to fix things on what we call an 'ASAP' basis. In other words, we try to get it done as-soon-as-possible, most often within 24-48 hours. Our line-ups for ASAP repairs are on a first-come-first-serve so even if the repair is easy or quick, we respect the line-up. We'll assess your bike, give you an estimate, and call/text/email you when its done. Please try not to call us, when everyone does that it slows us down!

QUICK TIP: mornings are best to bring in minor repairs!


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