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March 26

Well, this might throw a wrench into things. The container ship currently jammed in the Suez Canal might be carrying essential parts like brakes, gears, handlebars, etc that our vendors need in order to complete their bikes. We had several talks with our EU vendors last week and they all indicated that delays were due to un-arrived parts and the added delays in finding substitutes. All parts from Asia to Europe pass through the Suez Canal. We don't know whether this will effect EU turnaround times, but may be likely. We'll keep you in the know here.  

March 24

PORT OF MONTREAL STRIKE UPDATE. Word on the street is that parties are not agreeing and that a strike could be imminent, but the Federal Government is standing by with a Back to Work Order. Read more here.

March 17

Many people are starting to email and call asking for updates. We are running at reduced staff due to social distancing and cannot provide any information other than what we present here. If you are expecting more clear deadlines, we are truly sorry - the way things are going any accurate updates are simply impossible this year (and most likely for 2022 as well). We are happy to refund your deposit if you're not happy, no questions asked! Meanwhile, if you can wait, please sit tight! We're busting our butts!

March 12

Things are starting to move! Several orders are produced and ready to ship and by next week we should have several orders on the ocean, as well as more orders ready at the factories. Things are running about 4 weeks behind schedule at the factory level, and acquiring shipping containers has not been easy (or cheap!). Many vendors are still waiting for parts to arrive to complete bikes and this appears to be a day-by-day affair.

Feb 19

SLOWER CONTAINER CIRCULATION CRIPPLES GLOBAL SHIPPING SYSTEM. Press release here can be found here. Shipping containers - essential to product movement - are in global short supply, largely due to reduced labour productivity at warehouse and marine terminals. Updates have been made on the following bikes: Linus, Devinci, Fahrradmanufkatur, Frog, Bullitt. All other brands may experience the same challenges but so far they appear OK.

Feb 18

POTENTIAL PORT STRIKE MARCH 21ST - PORT OF MONTREAL. This is not good news. Last year, this happened in the midst of Covid and added serious delays to delays that were already occurring due to global shortages. You can read more from our shipping company here. This port strike would happen exactly when goods are enroute from Europe to Toronto, and, while shipping can be rerouted to St John or Halifax, last year this created massive railway congestion, which left containers sitting in dryage for weeks.

Feb 7

Despite placing all our 2021 orders in July 2020 with ETA's specified by month, it appears that many of our vendors are struggling to get parts on time, causing mild havoc with production planning. What does this mean? It means that current delivery months are highly provisional and may come earlier or later. Unfortunately, vendors are scrambling to produce bikes for our customers but this is also limiting their capability to gather insights and communicate effectively. It's going to be another crazy year!



From factory to our store, your bike takes a remarkable journey. We'll do our best to keep you updated on your bikes current position, but for now here's all the steps your bike will take to get to your front door!

Bike is Produced

Your bike is about to take a long journey - across the Atlantic! From the established bicycle cultures of Europe - home of the world's best manufacturers - to new adventures in North America. That's pretty exciting! What are the next steps? Well, our shipping company is going to pick up your bike, put it into a shipping container, and then arrange a sailing date. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. It usually takes two weeks from sailing date for the boat to arrive in the Port of Montreal. From Montreal, your bike will load onto a train, ship to a sorting warehouse, and then ship to our store. Once it gets to the store, we'll tune it up and let you know its ready! Please let us know if you need any accessories as we won't have time to install them when you come to pick up your bike!

On Ocean

We've received news from our shipping company that your bike is loaded into a container ship and about to begin its overseas adventure! What are the next steps? It generally takes two weeks for your shipment to arrive in the Port of Montreal. From here the boat will be unloaded and the container (with your bike!) will be put onto a CN Train, destination: Toronto! If you haven't already, please let us know if you need any accessories installed as we won't have time to install them when you come to pick up your bike.

In Port

Your bike is docked in the Port of Montreal! It's North American adventure is about to begin! What are the next steps? Well, the boat has to unload, and that can take a day or two (or more) if congestion is high. Then, the container needs to be transferred onto a train. That can also take a day or so if rail congestion is high. The only major setbacks your bike can go through are port strikes (very rare) or a customs exam (mostly rare).

In Customs

Customs exams are extremely rare, but they do happen. A customs exam generally takes no longer than a week - although we have experienced longer. The worst thing about a customs exam is that no updates are given. Luckily, we work with a terrific shipping company and they keep a close eye on things. The moment the bike is released, they will get your bike loaded onto a train: destination Toronto!

On Rail

Your bike is on a train - bound for Toronto! What are the next steps? Once the train arrives, a crane will unload your bike onto a truck. This truck will arrive at our shippers warehouse, where the container will be unloaded. This process usually takes a day or so. The container shipment will then be sorted into several smaller shipments so that we can receive them in our downtown location. This process usually takes just one day. After this, your bike will arrive at our door and we will start receiving the products into our computer systems.

At Shippers

Your bike is currently at our Shipper's warehouse, being unloaded and split into several shipments (so that we can get them downtown!). This generally takes a day or two, unless its a weekend - meaning anything arriving on a Thursday or Friday generally won't arrive at our shop until Monday. What are the next steps? Well we tend to order massive container shipments, so when the trucks pull up, it's nearly a full day of unloading and then easily another full day of receiving. By "receiving" we mean: counting everything, making sure it's put into our computer systems correctly, and then putting the bikes into our mechanics workflow.

Receiving Order

That means we're either busy unloading your bike, or we're busy receiving it. By "receiving" we mean: counting everything, making sure it's put into our computer systems correctly, and then putting the bikes into our mechanics workflow. While it is very difficult to time our mechanics schedule around shipment delivery, we have ensured that your bike is a priority over regular repairs. That said, our shop will be very congested with new bikes and we estimate that it could take up to a week (or more) to get your bike assembled, tuned and ready for pickup or shipment. If possible, please refrain from calling for updates as this takes up considerable time and only causes more delays.

Assembled & Tuned

Your bike is presently in our repair shop being assembled and tuned. This can take a day or it can take a week, it all depends how backlogged we are. Please note that we've made new bike sales a priority over repair bikes, so we can guarantee that we're doing our best to deliver your bike in a timely manner. You'll be riding soon! What are the next steps? Well, if you are local to Toronto, we'll be calling or emailing you soon! If we are shipping your bike, it will take a day or two to properly package it with our Ride Out Of The Box service. We will keep you in the loop!

Ready for Pick-Up!

Your bike is ready for pick-up! Hooray! We'll contact you to arrange a pick-up appointment! When you drop by we'll make sure you're properly sized and we'll go through the bike from front to back to make sure you're well acquainted with your new pal!

Ride Out Of The Box

Are we shipping your bike? First, we need to arrange the pickup, and second, we need to palletize the bike. This is a very careful operation, using two staff members, a custom pallet and a custom box. Our mission is to ensure your bike arrives in perfect shape! Once complete, the truck shows up and we wave your bike off. What are the next steps? Very few! Just a bit more patience! Please note that because we often uses trains and large transcontinental freight trucks for shipping, we don't often get tracking numbers. If your bike is going to the USA there can be occasional delays at the border, but this is generally rare. However, please keep an eye on your phone as the driver will call you to arrange an appointment!


Find your bike in the spreadsheet below using the following tricks!


You can find your Sales Order number at the top of the PDF we sent you when confirmed your bike purchase.

Bought the bike online? You can also find your Sales Order by searching for the confirmation number of your order. It begins with CC (Canada orders) or CSUSA (USA orders) and looks like #CC1234, or #CSUS1234

All Order ID's are arranged by bike vendor to make searching as easy as possible.

Want to make things easier? Hold CTRL+F and enter the Order ID into the search window.



The status of your order is the column to the far right. They are all arranged by month, (ie., AUG, SEP, OCT, etc) and are estimated dates of arrival (ETA).

Is your order still pending? That means we are still working with the supplier on a firm date. It also means you are next in line for the availability of that product.

Questions? You are always welcome to email us at online@curbsidecycle.com



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