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Brompton bicycle sales soar five-fold as commuters prepare to avoid trains.



12 MAY 2020

London-based manufacturer Brompton... is among those scrambling to meet a sharp rise in the number of prospective buyers. “We’ve never, ever had such strong trading,” said Will Butler-Adams, chief executive. “We’ve more demand than we can make.”


10 JULY 2020

"The biggest change for us is that the scale of demand is likely to be greater in the next twelve months," said Stephen Loftus, chief commercial officer [Brompton]. The company is not taking new orders from shops until October.


25 JULY 2020



To those in the know, Brompton makes the best folding bike on the market. Nothing folds better, rides better, or folds smaller than a Brompton. Brompton also is known for a streak of perfectionism in their craftsmanship and engineering; which is why each bike is still made in their west London (UK) plant.

However, Brompton can only produce a limited number of bikes per year, and due to this surging demand each country is allocated a certain number of production slots. As Canada's largest Brompton retailer we are allocated 20 production slots a month for a total of 240 bikes a year - far less units than our demand can sustain.

To this end we offer our customers the ability to pre-order their bike in order to (a) secure their bike and (b) the next earliest delivery date. All bikes are 100% refundable up to 2 months before the delivery date (when we order the bike). Please note that 2021 prices are TBD and there may be a 3-5% increase. Your deposit will apply to 2021 Brompton Manufacturers Suggested Retail.

If you have any questions (or are interested in a custom "bespoke" model) please contact timm@curbsidecycle.com

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