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Dad with two kids on a Black Iron Horse Pony
Two cute kids in a Black Iron Horse Pony cargo bike
A Mom with two kids in a Black Iron Horse cargo bike

Rear Wheel Steering. Why?

Of course, the best part of buying a cargo trike is it's three-wheeled stability. However, all three-wheeled cargo bike designs struggle with the ratio between space and handling. For instance, brands like Babboe and Winther are huge on space, but sacrifice steering. That's because the whole box steers on these bikes, not just the wheels. On the flip side, brands like Nihola offer independent front wheel steering (like a car), but, this requires a reduction in box width because the wheels need room to steer.

Black Iron Horse solves the problem with rear wheel steering. This is super clever! It means two things. First, the box is a generous size, so you can load kids, dogs and cargo easily. Second, you actually get better handling than any cargo trike out there! There is a reason why rear-wheel steering is used on forklifts and many high performance automobiles. Rear wheel steering offers the most precise steering, especially in dense cities where corners are sharp and spaces are tight.

Is there a learning curve? Absolutely none whatsoever. But, does it feel a bit weird at first? It sure does! But, once your head gets used to the steering behind you, you get the sharpest handling cargo trike on the market. (And a great conversation stopper too!).


A Dad riding his daughter in a Black Iron Horse in Copenhagen



Stability is one aspect of safety. Handling another. But, at the end of the day the most important thing is the box. The box on the Black Iron Horse is high-impact ABS plastic that protects children in the event of an accident. Of course, it holds a lot of stuff too!


The Black Iron Horse uses the Shimano E6100 motor, one of our absolute favourites! Why? Because it's a sophisticated computer system that reads your data (pedalling torque, wheel and pedal revolutions) and translates this into a highly intuitive power assist. You get power when you need it!


Rear wheel steering? Sure, it messes with your head on the first ride, but by the second ride it makes perfect sense. Rear wheel steering is remarkably precise and perfect for dense cities where space is tight and corners are sharp. Total control that feels wired to your body.


The single design-problem when designing a cargo tricycle is balancing steering with handling and the latter two with space. Black Iron Horse just might offer the cleverest response to this problem: rear-wheel steering. And hey, why not? If Porsche can do it, so can a cargo bike company. 

So, what's the problem, exactly? As you can read on our Cargo Bike Face-off, most 3-wheeled cargo trikes on the market tend to be high on stability (when compared to 2-wheeled cargo bikes) but much of the handling can be lost. And handling is equal to stability when it comes to safety. Why? Because handling is how you veer away from drivers who aren't paying attention. 

Most trikes (Babboe, Christiana, Bunch) steer by using a pivot under the box, meaning the whole box steers. That means that the heavier the cargo is in the box, the worse the steering. (It doesn't help that brands like Babboe use such heavy boxes to begin with - Winther is the exception here). 

Nihola, meanwhile, uses the same kind of independent steering found on a car. But, this steering takes up a great deal of space that could have otherwise been cargo. The Black Iron Horse gains back nearly half a foot of cargo space while offering incredible handling; it just means the steering is in the rear. 

Rear wheel steering may raise an eyebrow and sure, it can take a ride or two to get used to (truth is: it's really fun), but there's a reason why it exists on many cars, forklifts and other modes of transport that require very sharp steering. Simply put: rear wheel steering offers a smaller, sharper angle of rotation when compared to front wheel steering systems. It's perfect for tight corners and offers the best slow-to medium-speed handling of any other cargo bike. Best of all, it doesn't matter how much load you have in the front box; maneuverability is no longer determined by the weight of the cargo.

The Black Iron Horse comes equipped with Shimano's spectacular E6100 motor. This offers up to 100km of range, amazing up-front quality, and rapid after-sales service should anything go wrong. Shifting is powered by Shimano's electronic Di2 system, which means no more cables to break or to freeze in cold weather. The brakes are incredibly powerful - and very low-maintenance - hydraulic disc brakes. Like all cargo bikes we sell, the box has been impact tested for safety. 

  • Questions? Book a consultation with one of our Cargo Bike experts
  • Lightweight ABS box that absorbs impacts 
  • Tons of plug-and-play seating options that grow with your family
  • Shimano E6100 motor with 250w continuous output and 60nm of torque
  • Shimano 418W Lithium-Ion Battery will take you up to 80km on a single charge
  • Shimano Nexus 5 hub is sealed from weather, low maintenance, and made for e-assist systems!
  • Shimano Di2 Electric Shifting is exact, accurate and works all winter
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes for all weather confident braking
  • Tough rust-resistant aluminum frame with chip-resistant powder-coated finish   
  • Integrated powerful LED lighting system
  • Fully enclosed chain guard to keep clothing looking fresh
  • Maximum Capacity: 200kg (Box=100kg, Rider=100kg)
Mom with two kids in Black Iron Horse Pony checking on kids while parked
Mom with two kids in Black Iron Horse Pony laughing while riding
Mom with two kids in Black Iron Horse Pony turning a corner


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Why Black Iron Horse? Because no other cargo bike offers the same ratio of space with handling. While other brands like Triobike maximize space they also reduce accident-free handling. Or, while other brands like Nihola maximize handling, they lose out on space. Black Iron Horse solves this problem with rear wheel steering. Rear wheel steering offers the most reactive accident-free handling with generous box space for your precious cargo. As the largest cargo bike retailer in Canada we are proud to offer fully built, fully tuned and carefully shipped bikes across Canada using our Ride Out of the Box service. So, whether you are in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary, we'd love to get you riding Denmark's cleverest cargo bike!

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