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Start a Ruckus

The word "Remi Demi" in German means something like a ruckus. Well, the Remi-Demi is out to start a ruckus. Designed by German-born Benno Baenziger - an engineering legend in the bicycle business - the Remi-Demi is out to ask new questions. Benno is aware how much electric-assist bikes have changed the bicycle industry and consumers lives, but the question remains: why shouldn't the bike change too? Fat tires may be slow on a regular bike but on an e-assist bike they are grippy, stable, and offer lots of cushion. Larger diameter wheels may offer more efficiency on a regular bike but on an e-assist bike a smaller wheel gives back acceleration and handling. Same efficiency but more stability, and more control. Add the low-step frame and plug-and-play etility rack and you'll see the Remi-Demi is miles ahead of traditional e-bike engineering. Want the most sensible e-bike out there? Start by making a ruckus!



Let's see what makes this bike so special!


Cargo bikes, when they were first designed, were made for dense downtown cores. They were heavy, plodding, affairs that sulked around corners and really weren't fun. As cities in Denmark and Holland formed bedroom communities around larger cities, they also built bike lanes between them. That meant longer, faster rides on safe infrastructure - and that required a different bike.

The Carve is designed to tilt for safety on the speedy sections and untilt when in dense gridlock. It's a simple on/off switch. So, if you commute by bike path or hit the bike paths for weekend adventure, the Carve is only urban transportation you'll ever need!


If you're carrying a ton of weight or have any hills, a cargo bikes motor is judged by one thing and one thing only: torque.

Torque is what prevents the bike from rolling backwards if you're starting off on a hill or a steep parking garage onramp. Torque is what launches a box full of heavy cargo forwards so it doesn't all depend on your legs. And, torque is what you need when you are cruising up hill with a heavy cargo load. It is the accelerative boost that gets you to the top.

The Yamaha motors are best in class for torque. Most motors are between 40-50nm. But the Yamaha is an impressive 80nm.


Like all the cargo bikes we sell, the Carve comes equipped with a highly impact-resistant box, to protect your precious cargo in city traffic.

Wood is amazing for impact-resistance. And, of course, it also looks beautiful. But, the wood on a Babboe isn't any ordinary wood. It's made of strong hardwoods sourced from Finland, and it's marine-grade, which means it's totally waterproof. Perfect if you store your bike outside year round (as the Dutch always do). It's the same stuff used for ocean-going recreational vessels.

Salt, ice, rain: it's no match for the Babboe Carve.


Like all good Dutch bikes, the Carve uses internal gears to keep maintenance low and the possibility for all-season outdoor storage. However, the Carve ups the ante by using the stunning Nuvinci "stepless" shifter and hub.

"Stepless" means there are no clicks between gears! Yep, that's right. Wherever you turn the shifter, that's the gear you're in! There's even a cute little person on the shifter unit to let you know whether the gear is easier or harder.

And the gear range is impressive, a massive 380%! A standard hybrid is about a 330% range. Not that it matters, you have the motor to help if things are getting steep.


Carrying kids in a cargo bike means you need the most intuitive and powerful brakes possible. The Carve uses hydraulic disc brakes. That may sound intense, but what it really means is lots of power, and near-perfect control.

Why disc brakes in the first place? Good question!

Unlike rim brakes, disc brakes aren't nearly as effected by rain or puddles. On a rainy day, a rim brake is half rim wiper and half brake. A disc brake sits far above the ground keeping your braking safe and above all, consistent.

Now, add some hydraulic fluid to the disc brakes and we're talking serious power. Unlike cable activated brakes, which require more maintenance, there is no cable to stretch and the fluid never freezes on cold winter days.  


Who invented the cargo bike? Nobody knows. And, for years, the cargo bike in Holland was made by small custom manufacturers who could not export the bike beyond their local county - and had no intention to do so.

Babboe was the first company to see that the Dutch cargo bike was a national treasure, and they were the first to scale production so that it was available to anyone and everyone.

Today, Babboe is the biggest cargo bike company in the world by sales, and the Carve is the crown jewel - truly the most advanced city bike for city and recreation, and with the most advanced technology, from the tilt steering to the Yamaha motor.



Your Babboe Carve has a ton of options you can add to make it even better.

A rain-tent that isn't any old rain-tent. It's a rain-tent with a burly roll-bar to add another layer of protection. Just in case!

A rear rack, just in case you need more storage space!

Fun cushions for the bench with lots of great patterns.

An extra bench! So you can fit up to four kids!

And, baby seats and toddler seats and adaptors for car seats, so you can transport precious cargo safely!


An e-bike is a pedal-assist bicycle, or a "pedelec." There is no throttle. Instead, there is a sophisticated computer system that reads your inputs and outputs a real-time variable assist that tunes itself to your needs right now. To ride one is sensational! It feels like the bike is reading your mind!



An e-bike is a pedal-assist bicycle, or a "pedelec.". There is no throttle. Instead of a throttle there is a sophisticated computer system that reads your pedalling torque + wheel RPM's + pedal RPM's a thousand times a minute. This data turns into a variable assist that constantly tunes itself to your needs in real-time. To ride one is sensational! It feels like the bike is reading your mind!


Yes!! While the computer is constantly tuning itself to your real-time needs, you can also crank this variable assist anywhere from 30% assist to 300%+

There's a console on your handlebar that tells you how much mileage you have on the battery, how fast you're going, and your total trip distance and time. It's amazing!



Absolutely not! A bike with a throttle is dangerous. With a throttle you can stop pedalling or hit the brakes and you can still lurch forward. On a pedelec, the motor cuts out the second you stop pedalling or hit the brakes. And, according to government regulation, the motor also cuts out above 32km/hr.


Oh my goodness, where do we start? They shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath!

E-scooters are a throttle based system and are illegal (or classified as motor vehicles) across Europe because they are dangerous. There are grounds to believe they will be illegal here soon too.

Currently, these bikes are sold through a legal loophole here in Canada.. In Europe, regulation says a motor can only operates while pedalling. In North America, regulation states the bike must have pedals, but never states these pedals need to be used..

E-scooters have pedals, but they rarely work. They are legal ornamentation and they aren't fooling anyone, and that includes lawmakers.

Plus, if it's between a computer that automatically senses the power you need or pushing down a thumb throttle, what would you prefer? Unless you like having a sore thumb?


One word: Service.

Service is key. For a long time e-bikes have been the wild-west until Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano came around. We speak from experience when we say that when you buy an e-bike that somewhere down the line, will go wrong. A good e-bike means we can run diagnostics with no guessing-games that take time and patience. A good e-bike means there is global technical support just a phone call away. .


As a rule the motor should be a mid-mount and made by a company you can trust. Names like Yamaha, Bosch, and Shimano are key. Other players like Bafang are reliable, but if you haven't heard of the company, be extra careful

. Front motors are dangerous. And no rear mount motor compares to the performance quality of a reliable mid-mount.  


Each brand brings its own experience to motor production. The important thing is to focus on brand-name quality. That said, Shimano is known for mileage and a more intuitive feeling motor and is often seen on higher performance bikes.. Bosch is known for power and is often seen on cargo bikes. Yamaha is famous for torque and is often seen on commercial grade cargo bike. All bikes take about 3.5 hours to charge and use recyclable Lithium Ion Batteries that take 1000+ full charges (about five years of use).


Found on Devinci and Bullitt cargo bikes, these are highly tuned long-range motors with balanced power and torque

E6100 Motor

250W Nominal Power

418W battery

Up to 185km/Charge

60nm Torque


Found on Urban Arrow and Benno Bikes, these are powerful motors for heavy duty cargo carrying

Performance Line Motor

350W Nominal Power

400W battery

Up to 100km/Charge

50-65nm Torque


CX Motor

350 Nominal Power

500W battery

Up to 100km/Charge

75nm Torque


Found on Babboe family and commercial grade cargo bikes. These are high torque motors with tons of power.

PW Motor

350W Nominal Power

400/500W battery

Up to 100km/Charge

80nm Torque



Babboe Carve Tilt Steering Cargo Bike with Yamaha E Assist
Benno Remidemi E-Bike in Turmeric

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One of the coolest things about the Remi Demi is that the rear rack is totally Yepp and Racktime compliant! That means that any Yepp child seat clicks directly into the rear rack and that's true for all Racktime products as well. Just click and go!

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Why do we love the Remi Demi? Because there's nothing it can't do!

  • Wide tires can go anywhere!
  • Small diameter wheels have incredible acceleration
  • Low step frame for easy onboard access
  • High quality Bosch motor
  • Super duper bright Supernova lights from Germany
  • Upright riding position
  • This bike can do anything!

From Our Buyer...


"Curbside has become rather famous for its fashionable no-nonsense city bikes, but we recognize that many of our customers want that wonderful upright feel without needing all sorts of serious commuting hardware. While Benno could be the perfect fair-weather commuter it's also a bike that puts a smile on our face and is a pure joy to ride"




Benno Bikes is the lovechild of Benno Baenziger, a Berlin-born bicycle designer who dreamed of living in San Diego with a surfboard under his feet.

Perhaps there's a aesthetic connection between the pleasure of California surf culture and Germany's bike culture. As importers of German bikes we are no strangers to watching couples ride on bike paths, talking and joking and having a good ride. This is quite different from the North American bike industry which seems to revolve around solo conquest, whether winning races, riding a difficult trail, or achieving your personal best. There's nothing wrong with that, but there is a moment where riding a bike is like surfing a wave; a sheer pleasure, something mystical, something to do with balance and movement.

Like ourselves here at Curbside, Benno is another voice in the market reminding the industry that cycling is for everyone, and that cycling is fun. His bikes may have aesthetic resonances of surf culture but underneath they are practical machines with a very German commitment to engineering. They are great fair-weather commuters, or, of course, they are a terrific way to meet up with a friend and catch up on the week ahead or behind. That's what cycling is all about!




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