Linus - Dutchi 3-Speed

Linus SKU: B/AA204BLS2S2
Linus Dutchi 3 Speed City Bike in Midnight Blue (4702767185971)
Linus Dutchi 3-Speed Dutch Bike in Cream (4702767185971)
Linus Dutchi 3 Speed City Bike in Blush (4702767185971)
Linus Dutchi 3 Speed City Bike in Sage (4702767185971)
Linus Dutchi 3 Speed City Bike in Mustard (4702767185971)
Linus Dutchi 3 Speed City Bike in Scarlet Red (4702767185971)
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Linus - Dutchi 3-Speed

Linus SKU: B/AA204BLS2S2
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Looking for comfort on your commute? If you're the type of cyclist who enjoys Sunday morning jaunts to the farmers market or park picnics, then the Linus Dutchi 3-Speed is the bike for you!     

Following the geometry of a classic Dutch bike, the Linus Dutchi puts you in the bolt-upright position favoured by European riders from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. It's super comfortable on short rides under 10km and lets you take in the sights and sounds of the world around you.    

Loaded with features, the Dutchi 3-Speed at its heart is a strong hi-ten steel frame with durable double-walled wheels made for cities. The bike comes fully equipped with fenders, kickstand and a beautiful high-polish rear rack. The wheels use heavy duty 13 gauge spokes on the rear to handle potholes and heavy panniers. Finally, the 3-speed internal gear hub gives a nice range of gears for flatter or mildly sloped terrain, all in a sealed package that protects it from rain and foul weather. 

Designed in California, the Dutchi is not quite as robust as our European produced Achielle or Fahrradmanufaktur bikes but is the perfect bike if you ride primarily in the Spring, Summer or Fall. However, we do recommend indoor overnight storage to prevent issues like corrosion. 

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  • Strong hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • High polished alloy rims are a strong double-walled design
  • 13 Gauge spokes on the rear wheel for all those potholes
  • Low-maintenance Shimano 3-speed hub 
  • Comfy genuine leather grips
  • Leatherette saddle and matching grips for superior comfort
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Weight: 32 lbs 
Hi-ten Steel - two stage wet paint
FORK Hi-ten Steel - two stage wet paint
HEADSET 1" Alloy
STEM Alloy Road Quill 60mmx210mm, 30-degree rise
HANDLEBAR Alloy - custom bend
GRIPS Hand-stitched genuine leather
SEATPOST Alloy, Adjustable, 25.4mm
SEAT Leatherette with springs
FRONT BRAKE Alloy dual pivot caliper
Alloy dual pivot caliper
SHIFTER Shimano Nexus 3-speed twist shifter
FRONT HUB Aluminum alloy, sealed
REAR HUB Shimano Nexus 3-speed
SPOKES 14G Stainless Steel front, 13G Stainless Steel rear, 36 Spokes
RIMS High polish double-walled alloy
TIRES Linus Elysian w/ reflective sidewalls
BOTTOM BRACKET Sealed cartridge
165mm (Small) / 170mm (Medium), 46T chainring, painted steel chainguard
COGSET Shimano 22T

Steel fenders painted to match, alloy rear rack and kickstand



SMALL  4' 10" 5' 3"
5' 2" 5' 10


How is a city bike different from other types of bikes? 

Behind each bike lies a designer, and within each designer lie assumptions. The assumption of most North American bike designers is that people ride bikes for recreation, which usually involves a bike path, a country road, and several hours of spare time. The bikes that result from this assumption are usually hunched-over, have exposed oily drivetrains that require tighter athletic clothes, feature anywhere from 21 to 33 speeds, and aren’t usually made to be locked up to metal poles all day, especially in foul weather. A city bike is quite the opposite. Its position is gloriously upright, the chain is totally covered, you have all the gears you’d ever need (3-speeds for flatter terrain, 7 or 8-speeds for hills), and tough frames and sealed mechanisms to battle all kinds of weather.

What’s the difference between a brand like Linus and others you carry?

Linus takes city biking seriously. They’re comfortably upright, remarkably low-maintenance, and they use bolted-on parts to reduce theft. Linus is a California brand (unlike many of our Northern European brands), so it’s no surprise that it does its best work in Spring/Summer. It lacks the same chip-and-rust resistant finishes of our other brands (so try to store inside overnight and during the winter). And, it lacks a full chainguard, so you do need to watch out if you’re wearing anything flowy or light in colour.

Is a Step-thru for Women and a Roadster for Men?

Heck no! It’s the 21st century and anyone can ride either a Step-thru or a Roadster. The difference between the two is not gender, but position. A Step-thru has a remarkably high head-tube that raises the handlebar so the back is straight and the hips pointed forward. A Roadster has a much shorter headtube that positions the rider over the handlebars for more control, and the hips over the cranksets for more power.

How strong are the wheels and will I get a lot of punctures?

Wheels are always the first part to break on most bikes and these wheels are strong! All the city bikes we sell feature strong double-walled rims that are internally box-sectioned to handle streetcar tracks and potholes. They all feature strong stainless-steel spokes that can never rust. Alas, Linus does not use the same puncture resistant tires found on our other brands.

What is an internal gear hub?

In Europe, a bike with an internal gear hub is what makes it a definitive city bike. Because the chain isn’t derailed up and down a set of external cogs (using a derailleur), the chain will never fall off again, and best of all, the chain can be covered so you can wear whatever you want. The gears are sealed inside the rear hub and they hold a tune two times longer than a derailleur, minimizing tune-ups and allowing you to store the bike outside throughout the winter problem-free.

Can’t I buy this bike through the Linus online store?

Sure you can, but you’ll also pay 13% duties, a $50 brokerage charge, and in most cases, shipping. That comes out to the same price we sell the bike for. When you buy a bike from us we professionally assemble it, tune it, and offer a free tune-up after three months. We have your back! If you order online and decide to build the bike yourself, Linus will void all warranties that come with the bike.

How do I ensure my new bike won’t get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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