E-Bullitt - Steps EP8 - Deore XT DI2 - Bike Only

Larry vs Harry SKU: 01008-08

E-Bullitt - Steps EP8 - Deore XT DI2 - Bike Only

Larry vs Harry SKU: 01008-08
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The EP8 Bullitt takes the "acoustic" Bullitt and gives you way, way more capability, whether that's longer rides or bigger hills. Bullitt's are legendary bikes and their light frame and high performance parts are the choice of bike messengers, weekend warriors and bike commuters across the world. If you want the best - and the most proven - this is it. 

Bullitts are designed for performance and this bike amplifies that performance seriously. Take one look at the drivetrain. The massive 11-42 XT 12-speed cassette provides a massive 418% gear range (and is a much lighter option than the internal gear hub options available). But the big news is Shimano's EP8 motor. It has a massive 85nm of torque (similiar to a small car!), 500W of peak power, and a huge 500W battery can push up to 180km on a single charge. Want a bike that reads your mind? While the motor constantly tunes torque and power to your needs, the electric shifting automatically finds your gear when you need it (there's a manual option too). Acceleration, hills, cornering, speed... load it up with cargo and punch a hole in gridlock. This bike is ready to make a massive difference in your life.  

Anybody who has ridden a Bullitt knows the feeling. Whereas most cargo bikes are heavy, sluggish and tend to 'bow' in corners, the Bullitt is light, fast and ultra-stiff. What you give it, it gives back. This performance is only advanced by a performance geometry that maximizes pedal-transfer and steering performance. It's a highly responsive machine... it reads your mind. This is even more the case with the EP8 motor constantly tuning power to your torque, cadence and wheel RPM. Add the automatic electric shifting (there's a manual option too), and this is pure mind-bike connection.  

  • Questions? Book a consultation with one of our Cargo Bike experts
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame, made for STePS
  • Large payload chassis with 100kg payload 
  • 500W peak power with 85nm of torque 
  • 500W battery for long rides (up to 180km)
  • Satori Easy-up stem adjusts handlebars from upright comfort to demon speed racer
  • Short wheelbase and low centre of gravity puts less bike and more handling into corners
  • Steep seat and head-tube angles optimize acceleration and handling
  • Super-stiff frame doesn't flex in corners: total mind-bike connection
  • Lightweight, top-of-the-line XT drivetrain with a massive 11-42 cassette
  • Di2 electric shifting w/ optional Automatic shift
  • TRP Slate T4 4-piston caliper with massive 180mm rotors
  • High-puncture resistant Schwalbe Tires
  • Heavy duty aluminum kickstand
  • Designed in Denmark
FRAME Super-stiff Aluminum Alloy - Powder-coated
WEIGHT CAPACITY 400lbs (rider + payload)
DRIVE UNIT Shimano STePS EP88 250W w/85Nm Torque
BATTERY Massive 500W battery for long run time
MAX ASSISTED SPEED 32km/hr as per Canadian regulations
COMPUTER MODES Low, Medium, High 
RANGE ESTIMATE 180km on low (eco)
HEADSET FSA Orbit XL Pressfit w/cartridge bearings
STEM Satori Easyup w/ quick 100mm up/down adjustment
GRIPS Lock-on (never loosens up)
SEATPOST 350mm Alloy w/optional quick release


Hydraulic TRP Slate T4 4-piston caliper with 180mm rotors
SHIFTER Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting w/automatic
FRONT HUB Novatec disc front
REAR HUB Novatec disc rear
SPOKES Stainless steel, 36H, 14G
RIMS Alex DM24
TIRES Schwalbe Marathon
BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge sealed
CRANKS Shimano XT Hollowtech II
COGSET Shimano XT 11-42 12-speed
CHAIN Shimano XT
PEDALS Alloy, sealed bearing
KICKSTAND Integrated wide-base aluminum spring loaded 
RACK Optional
FENDERS SKS Chromoplastics
FRONT LIGHTING B&M Lumotec (powered from battery)
REAR LIGHTING B&M Secula (powered from battery)
BIKE DIMENSIONS L 243 x W46 x H76 cm
CHASSIS DIMENSIONS L: 724mm bottom, 824mm top, W; 466mm
ONE SIZE 5' 4" 6' 7"

Will this take up a lot of space on the road?

Nope. This is the narrowest, fastest and meanest cargo bike on the road. You can even pass in the bike lane (if you’re good).

How does this compare to other two-wheeled cargo bikes?

Nothing compares to a Bullitt, full stop. But, it’s not for everyone. This is a cargo bike that has a definite learning curve, but that learning curve entails a human-machine connection that, when reached, is beyond words. Bullitt was designed originally for fast cargo deliveries, and this DNA lies behind its punchy acceleration and telekenetic handling. Safety and handling are deeply intertwined, so once the learning curve is mastered (takes a week) this is arguably one of the finest kid-carrying machines too. If you’re ok with a little bit of a learning curve, you’re going to love this bike.

How the heck do I buy one of these?

Unlike the non e-assist Bullitt bikes, the STePS systems are sold as complete bikes. The hard part is choosing your colour!  

Can I use this bike for a business?

The original intention of the Bullitt is for business, which is why it is used by DHL throughout Europe and many courier companies throughout North America. The Bullitt frame offers endless possibilities for custom boxes and Bullitt has several turnkey options that are available anytime by special order. Email aaron@curbsidecycle.com if you’re interested in discussing a Bullitt for your business or business idea.

I want to set this up for carrying a child, what’s the process? 

First you need the Honeycomb Board, which is a lightweight laminated lattice-aluminum baseplate that makes the foundation. To this mounts the Foldable Seat. For impact resistance you can either choose the canopy which has an aluminum roll-bar inside. Or, you can buy the BBX panels, made of impact-resistant laminated lattice-aluminum. If you want to use the Canopy in the winter the BBX panels remove quickly, and the inverse is true if you want to use the open-air BBX panels in the Summer.

How many kids will this carry?

One. Two if they're tiny.

Can I store it outside?

Of course. But if you are storing it outside during the winter we strongly recommend going with the traditional Shimano STePS e-assist since it uses a low maintenance Alfine internal gear system.

Does the battery lock to the bike? 

Yep. That’s one expensive chunk of Lithium Ion. It locks on to the down-tube and only you can remove it with the key provided.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes four hours to charge the battery from flat to full, and there is no problem if you only charge the battery a little bit, halfway, or whatever. You’ll get over 1000 complete charges with the battery which is typically 5+ years of use before a replacement is required.

Is the unit serviceable?

You bet it is. For years the e-assist market was dominated by small fly-by-night companies with good ideas and no balance sheet. The consumer took all the risk and were often left with technical assistance phone numbers that no longer worked. Today’s systems are made by huge players like Bosch, Yamaha, and Shimano – and they are sophisticated, which means they are updateable, diagnosable, and if something does break, fundamentally repairable.

This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs and this (unfortunately) makes every bike a target. Make sure you buy a good U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

Two-year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, one year on parts. Does not include wear and tear.

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