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  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario Mountain E-Bike with SuperMoto-X Tires, Kiox Cockpit and Rear Rack in Chili Matte (4719358836787)
  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario Mountain E-Bike with SuperMoto-X Tires, Kiox Cockpit, and Rear Rack in Urban Grey Matte (4719358836787)
  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario Mountain E-Bike with SuperMoto-X Tires, Kiox Cockpit and Pannier Rail in Chili Matte (4719358836787)
  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario Mountain E-Bike with SuperMoto-X Tires, Kiox Cockpit and Pannier Rail in Urban Grey Matte (4719358836787)
  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario Mountain E-Bike with SuperMoto-X Tires, Kiox Cockpit, Bottle Holder and Rear Rack in Urban Grey Matte (4719358836787)








The 2022 Riese & Muller Delite Vario is equipped to handle absolutely any on- or off-road bikepacking adventure with its slew of customization options and sporty geometry. 

Any good e-bike worth its salt has a motor and battery up to the task of hauling goods and people, and Riese & Muller knocks it out of the park with its Bosch systems. Powered by your choice of an internal Bosch PowerTube 500Wh or PowerTube 625Wh battery that provides up to 100km / 125km of range, the Performance Line CX motor provides more torque than other motors, giving 85Nm acceleration at low cadences to make uphill journeys a lot sweeter. It reads your pedal input 1,000 times a second for an extremely accurate and sensitive intuition that boosts you with just the right amount of power exactly when you need it. The Extended Boost feature allows for smooth traction over stone, root, and cobblestone obstacles - even when going uphill. Choose between the minimalist Intuvia display, the smart full-colour Kiox or Nyon displays, or the no-holds-barred Smartphone Hub control for a truly customized riding experience.

The Enviolo 380 hub has stepless shifting technology to change gears under load without any resistance and is designed specifically to work with the high torque of an e-bike, and the Gates belt drive adopts motorcycle technology to give you 30,000km of riding before needing replacement - over three times longer than any chain. The SunTour suspension forks (or optional upgrade to Fox Float forks with up to 150mm of travel) give you all the rebound power you’ll ever need. A short-length chainstay means you recover faster from big drops to return strong (and in one piece) to the business of trailblazing. An optional rear carrier allows you to bring whatever you need along for the ride, be it tour panniers or a dry set of clothes for après-ride dinner and drinks with friends, and an ABUS lock ensures your bike remains yours with solid German engineering and construction.

Combine these with Magura hydraulic disc brakes, an optional Dropper X-Fusion seatpost, mega-bright Supernova light system, Selle Royal saddle, and Schwalbe tires, and you get the crème de la crème of electric mountain bikes - the Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario.  

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  • Riese & Muller Delite GT Vario
  • Lightweight Aluminum frame with SunTour or Fox Float Front Suspension - Provides strength and agility on even the roughest roads
  • Motor: Quiet & reliable Bosch Performance Line CX provides more torque than other motors, up to 85Nm acceleration at low cadences 
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube 500Wh / 625Wh battery gives you up to 100km / 125km of range on a single charge
  • Cockpit Display: Customize your ride with minimalist Intuvia display, smart full-colour Kiox or Nyon displays, or the no-holds-barred Smartphone Hub control
  • Lighting: Incredibly bright Supernova M99 lighting system - Car headlight technology designed specifically for bikes
  • Enviolo 380 Internal Gear Hub: Provides stepless shifting technology to change gears under load without any resistance
  • Gates Belt Drive: Lube-free, durable, and winter-friendly with a 30,000km lifetime before needing replacement
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes offer absolute stopping power in absolutely every weather condition   
  • Schwalbe tires are highly puncture-resistant - Made in Germany
  • Comfortable ergonomic Selle Royal saddle - Made in Italy
  • This product can only be purchased in Canada
FRAME Aluminum - Chili Matte / Urban Grey Matte
BIKE WEIGHT 29.3 kg / 64.5 Ibs
Bosch PowerTube 500 Vertical - 36V 500W / Bosch PowerTube 625 Vertical - 36V 625W
Performance Line CX (Gen4)
Bosch Intuvia / Bosch Kiox / Bosch Nyon / Bosch SmartphoneHub
MAX ASSISTED SPEED 32km/hr as per Canadian regulations
COMPUTER MODES Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo
RANGE ESTIMATE 50-100km (PowerTube 500) / 60-125km (PowerTube 625)
CHARGING TIME 4.5 hours (PowerTube 500) / 5 hours (PowerTube 625)
Suntour Aion, Air, tapered, 100mm / Fox Float 34 Performance, Air, 100mm, Boost / Fox Float 34 Performance, Air, 140mm, Boost / Suntour Aion, Air, tapered, 140mm, Boost
REAR SHOCK Suntour RS-19 190x40 / Fox Float DPS Performance 190x40 / Fox Float DPS Performance 210x50 / Suntour RS-19 210x50
HEADSET Acros IntegrationX, block lock
SEATPOST Satori Trident / Dropper Post X-Fusion Manic 100
TIRES Schwalbe Super Moto-X / Schwalbe Johnny Watts 
TUBES Schwalbe
Rodi Tryp35
FRONT HUB Novatec Disc 32H / Novatec Boost, QR, 32H
REAR HUB Enviolo 380, 36H
CRANKSET FSA/Riese & Müller, 170 mm
55T, for Gates drive belt CDX
CHAINGUARD Riemenschutzring
Gates drive belt CDX
24T, for Gates drive belt CDX
SADDLE Selle Royal New Lookin Moderate Male / Ergon SMC4-L Sport Gel
PEDALS VP-183 / VP-538
SHIFTING SYSTEM Enviolo grip shift, continuous
SHIFTER Enviolo grip shift, continuous
HANDLEBAR Humpert ergotec Ergo XXL, 31.8 mm / Satori R&M Custom, 25.4mm, Aluminum
STEM Humpert ergotec Barracuda Evo, 90 mm, 20° / Satori R&M Custom, cable integration, adjustable angle, Aluminum
GRIPS Ergon GP1 / Ergon GP3
BRAKES Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes / Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes
FRONT LIGHT Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25
TAIL LIGHT Supernova M99, integrated brake light
Riese & Müller
Pletscher Comp 40 Flex
Abus Bordo 6000, 90cm, black
PUMP Beto air suspension fork pump
47 CM 5' 3" 5' 9"
51 CM 5' 7" 6' 1"
56 CM 5' 11" 6' 7"
RIESE & MULLER COMPANY PROFILE: The founders of Riese & Muller describe themselves as cyclists, engineers, inventors, friends, entrepreneurs, and fathers - and each of these contribute to the design of their bikes. Beginning the company with the Birdy folding bike, they've dialed in their cargo and urban e-bikes to offer full suspension for every style of road and track. Overall, Riese & Muller create products that are supremely comfortable to ride, intuitive, and made to last - a true testament to German engineering.

Will this take up a lot of space on the road?

No more than any other bike you pass in the bike lane!

How does a Riese & Muller compare to other e-bikes?

Honestly, there isn't really a comparison to be made - Riese & Muller are literally the best e-bikes on the market. It's like comparing any other car to a Land Rover. Now that urban cycling is taking off, we're seeing more and more e-bikes on the streets ferrying people all over the place, but most were designed for use in cities with paved roads and bike paths. Riese & Muller has achieved the pinnacle of e-bikes in speccing theirs with full-suspension GT and GX options, meaning you can take them off-road - on dirt track, mountain roads, even forested trails. They're armed to the teeth with every luxury item you could ever think of - Magura hydraulic disc brakes, Thudbuster or dropper seatposts, internal gear hubs, Gates belt drives, blindingly bright Supernova and Busch & Muller lighting systems, and the absolute best cockpit control computer systems. They're intuitive and built to last.

How the heck do I buy one of these?

We've done all the legwork for you! Take a read through our extensive spec options, build up your bike just the way you want it, place an order and we'll be in touch when your bike arrives fully built!

Can I use this bike for a business?

Absolutely. With the smorgasbord of options for cargo boxes, rear racks, and on/off-road capabilities, this bike will excel at whatever you ask it to do. Email eric@curbsidecycle.com if you’re interested in discussing a Riese & Muller for your business or business idea.

What is an internal gear hub?

In Europe, a bike with an internal gear hub is what makes it a definitive city bike. Because the chain isn’t derailed up and down a set of external cogs (using a derailleur), the chain will never fall off again, and best of all, the chain can be covered so you can wear whatever you want. The gears are sealed inside the rear hub and they hold a tune two times longer than a derailleur, minimizing tune-ups and allowing you to store the bike outside throughout the winter problem-free.

What is a belt drive?

Belt drives have been developed over the last 30 years for use in racing engines and motorcycles. They are a band of nylon teeth held together with a series of carbon fibre cords, paired with alloy chainrings and stainless-steel cogs. They've recently made the jump to bikes because they're nearly silent, don't require lube (and are much more winter-proof as a result), don't rust or get jammed with debris, and last for up to 30,000km of riding before needing replacement. We don't see them often on North American bikes because they can't be used with external derailleurs, only internal hubs or crank-based gearboxes.

Can I store it outside?

Of course. But if you are storing it outside during the winter, we strongly recommend going with the Vario or Rohloff internal hubs over an external-gear Touring derailleur, as they're built for year-round use and keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Should you have your heart set on a derailleur Riese & Muller, be sure to pick up a Bike Parka to keep it covered from ice and snow.

Does the battery lock to the bike?

Yep. That’s one expensive chunk of Lithium Ion. Frame-mounted batteries lock on to the down-tube and only you can remove them with the key provided. Internal frame batteries are built into the bike, so no need to worry!

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes about five hours to charge a single battery from flat to full, and twice as long if you have a dual battery system on your Riese & Muller. The batteries don't have memory so there is no problem if you only charge the battery a little bit, halfway, or whatever. You’ll get over 1000 complete charges, which is typically 5+ years of use before a replacement is required.

Is the unit serviceable? 

You bet it is. For years the e-assist market was dominated by small fly-by-night companies with good ideas and no balance sheet. The consumer took all the risk and were often left with technical assistance phone numbers that no longer worked. Riese & Muller partner with Bosch, a huge player in the e-bike market – and they are sophisticated, which means they are updatable, diagnosable, and if something does break, fundamentally repairable.

What's the lifetime on the battery?

On average you will get about 18,000-20,000 miles from the battery before it needs to be replaced.

This is expensive! Will it get stolen?

Estimates are that over 90% of bicycle theft is tied to cash-for-drugs (unfortunately) and most bike losses are due to inferior or cheap locks. Make sure you buy a good ABUS U-lock or a chain and your bike will be safe. You can read more about bike theft here.

What’s the warranty?

For the original owner, Riese & Muller offers a two-year warranty for manufacturer defects on frame and fork, five years for frame / swingarm breakage, and two years on the battery. Does not include wear and tear.

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