We've been one of Toronto's oldest e-assist stores for years, but thats mostly been on cargo bikes - where it makes a heck of a lot of sense. However, we've been keenly watching the European market for a decade now (where e-bikes make 45% of all sales) and watched and waited for our moment. E-bikes make a great deal of sense if you have a distance that seems just a bit too close to drive and still too far too bike. However, as often happens in our industry, the bikes brought into North America seem to have an identity crisis and blur the line between beach-cruiser, city bike, and hybrid bike. Of all the European bikes we've been watching, Moustache has the best design, from the integrated headlights to the mid-drive motor to the adjustable handlebar. Because if you're going to pay this much money for a bike, shouldn't you get something you actually want?

We can ship your Moustache bike anywhere in North America safely with our Ride Out Of The Box™ delivery service. 


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