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Visit any bike store and you'll see most of the bikes are aluminum. Not Curbside. One walk down our aisle will reveal that nearly 80% of our bikes are steel - and there's a good reason for that. Steel is real, as they say - and we agree. First, it's remarkably compliant, which means it's comfortable on long rides or bumpy terrain - which is what a Masi bike is built for. Second, it's strong. Our Masi customer might still very well be locking their bikes up against metal poles, and the problem with aluminum is that it can dent quite easily if its not thickened up (Chevrolet did a great commercial about this recently). Masi is about as heritage as you can get with steel and they have a Rolodex of cycling legends have ridden their bikes to trophies, from Faust Coppi to to Jacques Anquetil and of course, Eddy Merckx. We focus on Masi's "gravel" bikes, which can easily multi-task commuting, long distance speed (including light touring), and concrete to gravel surfaces. 




GIRAMONDO - 700c - 2016

From $1,449.99 CAD - $1,499.99 CAD


GIRAMONDO 27.5 - 2017

$1,449.99 CAD


CX - 2017

$1,299.99 CAD


CXGR - 2017

$1,799.99 CAD


CX COMP - 2017

$1,499.99 CAD

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