There are lots of aluminum bike manufacturers out there, but none are like Devinci. This little company out of Chicoutimi, QC was the first company to drop the price of aluminum bikes by welding them in Canada (many of their bikes still are) as well as the company that invented the performance hybrid. This may require some explanation. The hybrid bike was a California invention that sought to give the efficiency of a racing bike with the comfort of a mountain bike. In a place like Canada, that's simply not good enough. The Canadian cyclist - who uses the same bike for commuting and recreation - wants more. Our customer wants a bike that offers the same zippy performance of a racing bike, something even stronger than a mountain bike (you have to lock these to metal poles all day), and more comfortable than both. One look at the competition shows that no one has really figured how to do that. Maybe that's because they have no idea who their customer is. There are too many hybrids that veer just towards mountain bikes (silly suspension forks and wide tires) and too many hybrids that veer just towards road bikes (skinny tires on weak wheels). And that means Devinci - at least for our customers - makes the only hybrid that truly defines the term. 




$1,349.99 CAD


OSLO - 2017

$1,049.99 CAD


ST TROPEZ - 2017

$649.99 CAD


MILANO - 2017

$549.99 CAD

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