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There are lots of aluminum bike manufacturers out there, but none are like Devinci. This little company out of Chicoutimi, QC was the first company to mainstream aluminum bikes by dropping the price because they welded them in Canada (many of their bikes still are). They are also the company that invented the performance hybrid - a bike that now dominates most of the recreational bicycle market. For 2018, Devinci drilled down into the hybrid market even more, creating three new categories of hybrid bike; those tweaked for speed and distance, those tweaked for comfort and recreation, and those built for the city. Devinci stands apart from other companies by being from Canada. This provenance actually means something. Devinci knows their rider isn't just exploring recreational paths but also ride in the snowy potholed grit of a Northeastern city. Their frames and wheels are tougher than the competition, and their bikes are uncompromisingly high performance machines focussed on adventure and fun. 



HEX SORA - 2019

$1,349.99 CAD


HEX DEORE 1X - 2019

$1,049.99 CAD



$849.99 CAD
$959.99 CAD


ST TROPEZ - 2019

$649.99 CAD


MILANO - 2019

$449.99 CAD
$549.99 CAD

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