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  • Brompton Essentials Package with Bike Cover, Schrader Tube, Ergon GP1 Grips and the Brompton Toolkit





The Brompton Essentials Package is a collection of fantastic products we feel every Brompton owner should have to enhance their riding experience. We have gathered together some of our customer favourites and best sellers in an easy bundle and you save on buying them all together, Winner.

The fantastic Ergon GP1 grips replace the standard Brompton rubber grips giving the palm of your hand 100% support, this considerably decreases pressure on your wrists, increasing comfort and lets you ride for longer. The beautiful sounding Spurcycle bell replaces the really quite pathetic Brompton one, made in the USA, loud enough for busy cities without being obnoxious. The Brompton Bike Cover sits comfortably under your seat until needed on those wet days you need to carry your bike on a busy train or even coat check your bike at the museum. Finally the multi award winning Brompton Toolkit and high quality Schwalbe inner tube incase you need to do an on the fly repair so you don't get stuck away from home.
  • ERGON GP1 GRIPS: These offer 100% support to your hand and wrist increasing comfort considerably enabling you to ride for longer 
  • SPURCYCLE BELL: Replacing the pathetic Brompton bell, this beautiful sounding premium bell is right at home on a Brompton. Loud enough for city streets but classy enough for quite country paths
  • BROMPTON BIKE COVER: The Brompton's Bike Cover has an integrated travel pouch which sits neatly under the sadldle, can deploy in seconds and protects your bike from prying eyes on the local transit system
  • BROMPTON TOOLKIT: The award winning Brompton Toolkit fits snugly inside the frame out of the way providing nearly all the tools you will ever need to fix your Brompton on the fly
  • SCHWALBE TUBE: Everyone should have a spare "just in case" tube. The Schwalbe inner tube is a higher quality and lighter tube compared to the standard Brompton one

ERGON GP1 GRIPS: For many of our customers the only thing missing from a Brompton is ergonomic Grips. They just feel right. Like a firm handshake, or shifting gears in a manual car, it's a sensation that you won't want to quickly let go of. And luckily, with Ergon grips, you won't have to. These grips are better for the circulation in your hands than just about anything else out there, and use a top secret German-made rubber compound paired with forged aluminium clamps to ensure maximum durability over extended use.

Ergon GP1 Ergonomic Brompton Grip
  • Ergon GP1 Ergonomic Handlebar Grip
  • Multi-award winning design
  • Provides 100% support to your hand and wrist making for a more comfortable ride, every ride
  • Made from German developed, certified toxin free and UV stable rubber compounds
  • Specially positioned textures and different compound hardness ensure maximum comfort
  • Aluminum clamp ensures a grip that won't move from your perfect position
  • Available in Small or Large sizes depending on your hand size

SPURCYCLE BELL: Spurcycle started with a very clear mission, to create a BETTER bicycle bell. Through exceptional design, clever engineering, and precision manufacturing, you could argue that they have created the BEST bell in the market. Loud yet polite, the Spurcycle bell delivers a resonant tone (lasting up to 3x longer than other bells) that will grab the attention of even the most distracted cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers!

Spurcycle Precision Bicycle Bell
  • Spurcycle Precision Bicycle Bell
  • Simply the best and nicest sounding bell on the market
  • Precision crafted from premium brass and stainless Steel
  • All metal design is built to last
  • Powerful and resonant sound, ringing 3X longer than other bells. Rings long, loud, and clear
  • Pure raw metal finish matches Brompton accessories perfectly
  • All parts are replaceable incase you get over enthusiastic
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

BROMPTON BIKE COVER: While there are a lot of places you can take your Brompton without anyone noticing or caring, there may be some times where being denied entry is just a real pain! Avoid getting turned away from a busy commuter train, nice restaurant, a bank, or taking the bike past the concierge without any side glances. We have even coat-checked our Bromptons at the Met in New York with one of these.

Brompton Bike Cover with Integrated Saddle Pouch
  • Brompton Bike Cover with Integrated Travel Pouch
  • Full bike cover unpacks and covers the bike in a matter of seconds
  • Ideal for getting your bike onto a busy bus or into a coat check at a museum or restaurant, hassle free
  • Integrated travel pouch allows you to mount the cover on your handlebar or under the saddle
  • Keeps you and others clean if your Brompton is dirty
  • Essential

BROMPTON TOOLKIT: The mythical and award winning Brompton Toolkit fits right into your frame and has all the tools you need for basic repairs and maintenance of your Brompton bicycle. "A tool inside the bike? Wouldn't that rattle around?" you might ask. Not the Brompton Tool. The simple and ingenious design uses magnets and rubber dampers to silence even the smallest rattle.

Brompton Award Winning Toolkit
  • Fits snugly inside the Brompton frame
  • Stays firmly in place using magnets and rubber wedge
  • Easily removed by pulling the wrench
  • 15mm socket wrench for axle nuts
  • Ratchet handle for hex tools (reversible)
  • Phillips and flat head screw drivers
  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm Allen wrenches
  • Two 8mm wrenches and one 10mm wrench
  • 2 Metal Ergonomic Tire Levers
  • 1 Set Of Glueless Patches and Sandpaper
  • Includes spare patches

SCHWALBE INNER TUBE: It is a sad fact of life that punctures happen no matter how much we cross our fingers, even the fantastic Schwalbe Marathon tires puncture (although VERY rarely). Be prepared for every eventuality with this high quality Schwalbe inner tube. Made from high grade rubber this tube is both lighter and stronger than the standard offering from Brompton so if you're in a position where you have to change a tube then why not have change to the best.

Schwalbe High Quality Inner Tube for Brompton
  • Schwalbe high grade inner tube
  • 16x1.35 (35-349) size especially for the Brompton bike
  • 100% highest quality butyl recycled rubber
  • Schrader valve is fitted as standard to all Brompton bikes
  • Threaded valve stem for a secure fit
  • Replaceable valve core
  • Reinforced valve joint
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